Yunalis Marie Allard
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Yuna in her favorite robes, on the steps of the Cathedral.


IconSmall Human Female Human
Stormwind Stormwindian


March 11th, 10 L.C.
Stormwind City


Stormwind City(Present)


Churchoflighticon Holy Light


Ingrid Allard(née Townsend)(Mother)✝
Adrian Allard (Father) Alive
Maesta Allard (Sister)Alive
Satine Allard (Sister)Alive


Priestess of the Holy Light.



"The only thing that makes life unfair, is the delusion that it should be fair."
Yunalis Marie Allard is a Stormwindian human. There are no titles to her name, nor does she belong to any high class association. She's a devoted priestess of the Light, spending most of her time in dedication to her faith. As the days turned darker in the world, she realized it was time for her to aid, not only within the walls of the Cathedral, but on a battleground. After so many years, she found the strength to leave the familiar surrounding and aid her comrades in the battle against the Legion.

Appearance Edit

Graceful, shy and cold. Those were the three first words that would describe Yunalis at first glance. She stood at average height with a straight posture. Her thin, bony hands always folded on her chest as she would observe her surroundings with a suspicious gaze. Her long, thin neck would lead to an oval face that held very delicate features. Her skin was fair, without any blemishes and extremely smooth, a result of her taking well care of it. Her pitch black hair is thick and straight, draping down to her chest, neatly-combed and parted in the middle. They would only accentuate her slim face. Her eyes however is a refreshing feature, in the black and white contrast of her appearance. Light green, round and big, almost lightening up if one would catch her sight. Her gaze was soulful and full of empathy, her eyes would always reflect all the emotions she was feeling. A button nose that was turned upwards and full lips, that were always curled in a weak smile or covered under a mask, she would always wear.

As for clothing, she was no fool to always present herself in the finest robes. The colors and style varying, but her most famous attire and the one she can be seen in quite often is the blue and white set. The robes would drape down to her heeled boots, but despite how long the robes were, she was never clumsy and walked in a very slow, almost lazy-like manner, as she was never in a hurry. Her face almost always was covered in a mask, only her eyes could be seen and a smile peeking from under it.

Her gestures were dramatic, almost as if she was preforming each time she moved or spoke, but not in an annoying exaggerated way. Swan-like grace was always present in her, that would add a charming feature to her appearance. She has a calming voice and almost always spoke in whispering manner. Despite of how cold and proud she may seem, it's a shell that she created to protect herself, as she had the trait of being to trusting and was burned numerous times. It takes her a long time to get close to a person, to trust people. But once her ice cold shell is cracked, people would find her extremely caring, protective and loyal.

History Edit

Birth and childhood or Bittersweet Memories.(10 L.C - 18 L.C) Edit

Yunalis was born to a middle class family in Stormwind City, on the first days of spring. Her father, Adrian, was a hunter/tradesman. He owned a small shop in Ironforge, where he would sell leather and meat that he would get after his hunts. He was a tall, muscular man, having quite a gloomy appearance. His pitch black hair would almost always cover his face, almond shaped, sapphire eyes would twinkle through it with a very unwelcoming gaze. Her mother, Ingrid, was a tailor. She would sell the clothing she would make to a local shop in Stormwind, and Yuna always watched her mother with fascination as she would create wonderful pieces so effortlessly. Ingrid was a petite woman with very delicate features, a warming smile and bright green eyes, just like Yuna's. The petite and thin structure of Yuna's and her sisters' body was definitely a trait they got from Ingrid.

Her father was always an absent figure in her life, as she would barely remember him. He was always travelling back and forth, from Stormwind to Ironforge and vice versa. However, her mother Yuna remembers with a bittersweet feeling. There was always a special bond between them, as she taught her a lot of things and would show her a different side of life, a more positive and humane one.

On a chilly autumn's day, the Allards, welcomed not one, but two girls. October 29, 15 L.C, Yuna's two sisters, the twins - Satine and Maesta, were born. The two girls brought joy to Ingrid, as she was ecstatic to have now three little helpers, three little angels around her. But the happiness didn't last long. Their father, always dreamed of having a son. After some time, his presence was almost non existent, until the day he just never came back. Their mother, working harder and trying to support her children, found herself in a complete dead end and a choice had to be made. She went to the Stormwind Orphanage, after rethinking the situation million times, she realized it was the only right decision she could make. Satine and Maesta remember little of their mother,especially their father. They were only three. However, Yunalis, can't get over to what happened and the memories she shared with her mother, bring a feeling of emptiness and pure sadness to her. From the age of eight, Yuna took upon her to guard her sisters and do everything possible, regardless of how different all three of them were to never break the last remaining memory of a "family" they once had.

Discovering the Light and a search for her Mother.(20 L.C - 25 L.C) Edit

The life in the Orphanage was hard on Yunalis, but she slowly learned to adapt. What intrigued her most, was the large, beautiful building right next to the Orphanage. She would watch people come and go from there, celebrating weddings and births, and grieving over the dead and saying their last goodbye. The energy would fascinate her. One day, she decided to go there, sneakily standing next to a column as she observed what was going on. The scent of the candles burning, the warming welcomes of a priests and priestesses, the devotion of the people and the genuinely pure atmosphere would drag her more and more to those walls, visiting the Cathedral more often. As she came back to the Orphanage, she questioned her Matron about these people, this Cathedral and was educated by her, finding out about the Light. Since she was eleven to this present day, Yunalis finds out more and more about it, the same childhood feeling filling her with excitement and amazement.

When it was Yuna's 12th birthday, she decided to go around the streets of Stormwind, by memory, to seek the shop where their mother would sell her clothes at, in hope of finding her and talking to her. As the question "Why?" never faded from her head, each time she would fall asleep and wake up, that was her first thought. As she walked along the streets, seeing different faces and races, scared as she would fold her hands on her chest and sprint through the alleys and streets as fast as she could, until she bumped into that same shop. She asked about her mother, asked about what happened and where she could find her, the answer completely crushed all hopes and dreams for her, as she found out that her mother was no longer alive and she couldn't overcome the sadness and grief she felt, after her family fell apart. Saddened by the horrible news, she hung her head down and returned back to the Orphanage, watching her two sisters argue over wooden swords and push each other around. They were her only hope left. A smile curled up on her features, as she continued to study about the Light.


"We are different." (25 L.C - 30 L.C) Edit

Yuna grew stronger as a person, yet her naive and pure nature was still present. The once young girl, that would blink around curiously was becoming a wonderful young lady. Their matron was doing an amazing job of teaching them manners, how to act and even to dance! Families would come and go, look at the three of them, but none wanted to take them apart from one another, so the girls were still in the Orphanage. As numerous events would happen around Azeroth, more and more kids were left without parents, parents they lost in the cruel wars. They united to learn to survive and how to exist as a human being, without any parental help.

Yuna and Satine always shared the same trait of being bookworms, constantly digging in libraries and trying to find out something new, educating themselves as much as they could. Satine would look up to Yuna and they would spend most of their time sharing numerous information and facts, competing who knew more. Whereas their other sister, Maesta, would always spend time outside sword fighting and being a typical tomboy.

As time passed, the girls grew older and their interests started to change, causing a lot of problems. Satine started to get interested in the dark magic, by the age of fifteen she would already start to learn her first spells, which Yuna always found alarming. Maesta also didn't choose the easiest and the safest path, as she would spend most of her time in the streets, thus interacting with quite suspicious figures, that slowly dragged her in to a more twisted, cruel world. Yunalis was getting quite nervous, as she wanted to keep her promise of protecting them, shielding them, but she realized it was impossible. They weren't looking up to her anymore, both of them became bitter as they grew up and understood, why they were in the Orphanage, what happened. And as it usually happens, especially in teenagers, they couldn't control their impulses and emotions. Although all of them were under the same roof, they were slowly drifting away from each other.

"New life, their own home."(30 L.C - 35 L.C) Edit

After saving up enough of money, while Maesta worked as a bartender and another job(assassination), but she never spoke about it with Yuna, Satine would get their mother's talent and create luxurious clothing, while Yuna worked as a part time mender, taking care of wounds in the Clinic. They finally bought their first home in Stormwind City, moving out from the Orphanage, with tears and a heavy heart as they said goodbye to their already gray haired matron and to the walls that they called their home for so many years.

All three of them lived together for some time, of course it didn't last long. They were all too different to be held under the same roof. Arguments were an everyday routine in their home and that's when Maesta decided to move out, to live with her friend. Satine couldn't live in Stormwind as well, as her hunger for the gloomy and mysterious, would drag her away to Duskwood, where she resided for a long time.

They would reunite only on holidays, seeing each other at dinner. One of those dinners, Maesta gave a gift to both of her sisters, a pendant, with their initials engraved into it. Yunalis wears it everywhere, calling it her lucky charm and "a piece of home.".

"Rebirth, happiness, betrayal."(36 L.C - 37 L.C) Edit

It took her a while to get back on track, but she did with great success. Every day she considering a blessing, occasionally sending out letters to her sisters and doing what a Priestess would do - spending most of her time in the Cathedral. Yunalis never had time for relationships or any social interactions, not only that, but she was fearful of betrayal. She was always a kind soul, but more than an advice and a gentle hug, she wouldn't let anybody closer than that.

But everything changed, when she met some of her friends and her first love. An afflicted gilnean, a brother of a Lord. He was ideal in her eyes, such a gentleman and she thought, she would spend the rest of her days with him. They spend Winter's Veil together, traveled along the Gilnean lands. He proposed, she was more than happy to agree, but not everything was as ecstatic, as it seemed. She found out from numerous people about him cheated, after she confronted him, giving him a chance, he chose to leave. Once again, Yuna closed herself away from people. Despite numerous of her friends trying to help, she still couldn't trust.

"Present Day" (38 L.C) Edit

She was tired of the routine, she was tired of being constantly isolated. Yuna felt how her energy was fading away, as if somebody was dragging out the life out of her. She left the Cathedral, self exiling herself to Dalaran, where she spend a lot of time learning about aid and other ways of helping people in the battleground. She was determined that she will be on the fields of war, helping her allies, her people.

Once she was back to Stormwind, after other situations that occurred in the city it was very hard for her, but she knew, she had to. This was her hometown. She found out about a division that was preparing for war against the Legion. To her surprise the commander of that division was Lord Alverdo Blackmoore. After an interview and some testing, she was taken as a recruit and since then, she fights with them, aids them. Healing the wounds, not only physical, but mental.

Friends, Relationships and Enemies. Edit


Kullun Lightwood Edit

Also a devoted follower of the Light, Kullun and Yuna met at her darkest times. He was nothing, but kind and supportive of her and they always viewed each other as family. Regardless of where they both are, each of their meeting is full of positive energy and a lot of adoration. Their friendship is strong and they know for a fact, they can always count on each other.

Owaeran Umbardacil Edit

A sweet, kind friendship, that was one step behind something big and wonderful. But yet again, Yuna's unstable and constant indecisive nature ruined a lot of things. Nothing, but love and support would surround these two. They would make each other smile in the saddest days and have a lot of funny moments together.


Yunalis and Owaeran, in their usual, goofy state.

They met through a mutual friend, Harper Lightsworn and ever since, they were inseparable. Going to taverns, having fun, which Yuna never did before, since she was so focused on her devotion to the Light. A group of people and them, were having the loudest giggles and acting like children. But thus, some things aren't meant to be and the situation hurt both of them so much, that they parted ways in a bittersweet manner.

"No matter where you are in life, I always got your back" - Yunalis to Owaeran, after the sad events that happened to him.

Harper Lightsworn Edit

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The silly times(OOC) with Harper, Vy, Owaeran and many others <3

A friend that introduced her to the world of fun and interaction. A person who opened a lot of doors for her, but closed as much as well. Yunalis is forever in Harper's debt for what she has shown to her, to the people she introduced her to. After Harper's disappearance, Yuna does have a nostalgic feeling, remembering the days they spend together with a bright smile on her face.

Alverdo Blackmoore Edit

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Alverdo and Yunalis sparring in Redridge.

Although their interactions are usually brief, her and Alverdo always have time for good conversations. As of recent events, he's not only a person she can just talk with, but also her commander in the Division. He's one of the rare people, Yuna can count on. Also, the first to teach her how to spar.