"He sure is a dwarf." -- Ranets Daggerfang on Xopir Stormbrew

Xopir Stormbrew



Date of Birth

December 5th, 110 P.C.


Stormbrew Ice Fishery, Dun Morogh


Darmous Stormbrew - Brother
Xopir Stormbrew I - Grandfather (Dead)
Anya Stormbrew - Mother
Xopir Stormbrew II - Father (Dead)
Finbar Stormbrew - Son (Dead)
Darmous Stormbrew - Brother
Craggus Stormbrew - Brother


Chancellor-Emeritus of Ironforge
Thane of the Stormbrew Clan
Lieutenant of the Stormwind City Watch (Formerly)


The Senate of Ironforge
Clan Stormbrew
The Kingdom of Ironforge
Azeroth Incorporated (formerly)
Stormwind City Watch (formerly)


Pantheon of Titans


The Archangler

 Xopir Stormbrew III is the Thane of the Stormbrew Clan and former Chancellor of Ironforge hailing from Dun Morogh. He is currently retired, spending his days fishing.


Stormbrew is rather gruff by appearance, with dark brown hair tied into a ponytail, and a wonderful beard. On his upper right forearm is a tattoo of the Stormbrew Clan Crest, on his upper left forearm is a tattoo of the Bronzebeard Clan Crest. He has several gadgets attached to his belt, including his custom-made "Stormbrew Army Knife."

When dressing casually, he wears a hat, plaid shirt, and suspenders. When dressing formally or working, his outfits often appear very expensive.


Xopir Stormbrew was born to Xopir II and Anya Stormbrew on a small farm in Dun Morogh in 110 P.C.


Xopir Stormbrew is an eccentric but highly motivated dwarf. He's said to trust his gut, and have little regard for details. Stormbrew is extroverted, enthusiastic and opinionated. He seems to have been very energetic, perhaps even impulsive, and considers his life a wonderful adventure. Xopir is a born a salesman, a leader. People trust him, even when his plans are quite obviously going to more than likely get them killed.

He can be incredibly brash, especially to people he disagrees with.

Titles and Styles Edit

He is officially styled as "His Grace, Chancellor-Emeritus Xopir Stormbrew" in common.

His full title is as follows:

Chancellor-Emeritus Xopir Stormbrew of Ironforge, Thane of the Stormbrew Clan, Honorary-Senator for Ironforge, Doctor of Philosophy.


Family Edit

Clan Stormbrew has many many members, ranging from Rinbin Stormbrew to Darmous Stormbrew to Ragnar Stormbrew

Pets Edit

Xopir has a few pets, the most notable of which being Stampy, his goat.

Enemies Edit

Xopir's only true enemies are what he views as the enemies of Dwarven solidarity.

Chancellor of Ironforge
Preceded by
The Council of Three Hammers (Interim)
Xopir Stormbrew Succeeded by
The Council of Three Hammers (Interim)