Xieng'Shu Chan'Lei is a Pandaren born on the Wandering Isle and raised well. He grew up studying the martial arts of a monk, and believes that the only evil in the world are those who know they are evil. Due to this, he jumps between justice and crime back and forth, and has his own reasons for both sides that he deems good.

He often talks about his heritage if you get to know him. Although he, his children, his family, parents, grandparents, and so on were born on the Wandering Isle, his ancestors from thousands of years ago were Shado-Pan on the mainland of Pandaria, who happened to just leave Shado-Pan and Pandaria for calmer areas, such as the Wandering Isle.

Although he himself isn't Shado-Pan by organization, his ancestors were, and passed down the fighting style to their children and they passed it down and so on. 

When given the choice to side with the Alliance or Horde, Xieng'Shu picked Alliance whereas his wife and children picked Horde.


Like most Pandaren, he is of average size for his race, and packs a lot of weight. He is not obese, his belly is average for a Pandaren, meaning his belly is large and heavy like most (In Pandaren terms, that's considered average, not fat or obese).

He has muscular arms as well as muscular legs. Despite usually wearing gloves, his claws are sharp, and his paws are strong, heavy, and well-trained. Overall, he has the muscles of a well trained Pandaren monk. Nothing unique, but definately not the average citizen by-stander.

He is usually seen with fist weapons, a staff, or two red Katanas and is seen in various clothing, such as greenish yellow casual wear, or strengthened yellow light leather clothing/armor, Black leather armor, and blue leather armor with various artistic Pandaren runes which serve no purpose other than cosmetics. 

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