As winter's chill begins to take its hold, those within the Kingdom of Stormwind could see posters being nailed to signposts throughout the realm. They bear the following information ornately penned beneath a drawing of a mounted knight:

LET IT BE KNOWN that the House of Montclair shall host a WINTER FESTIVAL to celebrate the birth of a healthy heir. All are invited to join in the merriment to be had in Westridge or participate in the various tournaments to be held!

ON THE EVE DECEMBER 20TH, the child shall be brought before the guests in an official reception. A feast shall be prepared for all who would partake. The Duke of Westridge shall host a number of Theatrical Performances and reenactments.

ON THE EVE OF DECEMBER 21ST, a Horse Race shall be followed by a Tournament of the Joust on the grounds of Westridge Keep. Refreshments and music shall be provided.

ON THE EVE OF DECEMBER 22ND, a Tournament of the Melee and a Tournament of Magic shall be held. Such will be followed by a feast. The night shall be concluded with a spectacular show of fireworks.

Any who wish to contribute or be hired as additional entertainment should contact Duke Maxen of House Montclair.

If you seek to participate in the race or any of the tournaments, write to Duke Maxen or Duchess Mairaed of House Montclair. Participants will be asked to provide an entrance fee of one hundred gold towards the champion's bounty.

((The Westridge Winter festival will be held on the Argent Tournament Grounds on December 20th, 21st and 22nd of 2013. The tournaments of the melee and magic shall be done through duels with special rules applied. All are welcome to attend or participate! Contact myself or Callaghhan in-game if you wish to receive calendar invites!))

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