Watermelon is a sweet fruit that, as its name implies, bears a great deal of juice and water throughout its flesh. Watermelons are typically eaten as they are, but their juice is known to be added to several drinks to add unique flavor. As with most fruits with high sugar content, Watermelon is fermented into alcoholic beverages. Originating from southern Kalimdor, the fruit has spread throughout the world as a popular cash crop.

Watermelons of KalimdorEdit

Watermelons were first farmed by the Tol'vir within their riverside plantations in Uldum. After acquisition by Goblin traders, watermelons slowly spread throughout the world through trade. The fruit is extremely popular with the Night Elves who use it to sweeten many of their beverages.

Watermelons of the Eastern KingdomsEdit

Watermelons are grown as a secondary crop in the Eastern Kingdoms' temperate areas. They are enjoyed during the summer months as a refreshing snack.