5 P.D.G.


0 P.D.G.




Duathe/Arathorian Legion Victory

Major battles

Massacre at the Peaks.

Battle of the Cliff.

Siege of Rosenthern.


The Duathe (20,000) Arathorian Legion (20,000)

Kingdom of the Eldir'thiirn (35,000)


Legion Legate Addius Hardenford. King Coathowen Fjrionhrell.

Derendurl the Great. Kathleen the cunning Ferduth the barbaric.

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The War of the Black Rose was a conflict that ended with the wiping out of the Kingdom of Eldir'thiirn and its conquest under the Empire of Arathor with the aid of the Kingdom of Duathe. Shortly after the war, Duathe, the other notable kingdom in this war, was assimilated into the empire as well. The two kingdoms were abolished and were later considered holdings of the empire.

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