Voltema the Righteous





Date of Birth



Hand of Argus


The Righteous


Hand of Argus
Argent Crusade
Grand Alliance
Stormwind Army

Previous Titles




Immediate Relatives

Elonwe - Sister (Alive)

Voltema the Righteous as she is called was born in the grassy hillside of Nagrand. For many years she and her family lived by themselves, undisturbed by the rest of the residents. Back then the grasslands were many, and the beasts plentiful. Much of her memory was lost after the violence of the orcs. She does remember fire raining down on the land and her mother writhing in pain as her father became possessed by something horrid.

"Like a fire was burning in his eyes, my father slew my mother with the wickedness I now understand. Then I didn't. I was still new, still naive to hatred and lust. I can't explain how I got my sister and I to safety, let alone explain why I hold the Light's power so readily while she relies on earthen magics. That blockage of memory seeps into my dreams, and I find myself awakening in a pool of sweat. I am envious of those that can clearly remember their exodus. At least then I would know what terrifies me, shakes me and chokes me while I rest."

       ~Voltema's journal

Physical DescriptionEdit

      Voltema stands at a massive 7'6" and weighs just under 350 pounds. That weight is mostly muscle and bone and it shows. She does not have slender, sinewy muscles, that sort of strength can't bear her armor let alone her weapon and her shield. Thick hooves and horns also show off her fortitude, making her into a physically-impressive specimen. Like most other fighters, she bears scars of battles bloody. Some of her more notable scars are the ends of a couple tendrils missing and the lack of a tail at all. Her skin is rough and leathery all over, hardened from many years of warfare. Normally she can be seen in thick mis-matched plate armor from head to hoof. There are ridges in her forehead where skull plating is, turning even her head and horns into a weapon.

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