Baron Valimar Mordis
Baron Mordis


Undead Human

Character class



Baron of Mordis


Former noble of Alterac


Kingdom of Alterac (Formerly)



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Baron Valimar Mordis was once a human nobleman, but the Scourge murdered and revived him, transforming him into an undead minion. Later he regained his identity and became a forsaken. Later Anveena allied with Mordis. He appeared to befriend her under the guise of helping her find her friends, but he had dark plans for her.

History Edit

Valimar Mordis was originally a human noble who ruled a small barony in the mountains of Alterac. He tried to rule with the same compassion and strength as his forebears. During his reign, he befriended a tauren named Trag Highmountain, an explorer from the continent of Kalimdor. His long and successful rule was ended by the Scourge, who brutally massacred him and all of his subjects. Upon resurrecting him as an undead slave, the Scourge used him as one of their more powerful warriors. The Baron committed many evil deeds whilst under the Scourge's influence until he killed an archmage during a raid on an Alliance town. He described it as his horror and disgust at his actions rising to the surface, allowing him to become his own master.

Managing to elude the Scourge chasing him, the Baron then returned to his old home, only to see it in ruins. His old friend and ally, Trag, was still there however; and protected the land from intruders. Valimar acted as if he was glad to see Trag again (though he actually only intended to use him) and together they hunted the Scourge. They hunted one in particular, a ghoul called Ichor, who wielded an Orb of Ner'zhul - an artifact used to revive ancient beasts for the Lich King's service. However, the Baron had his own plans for the orb. He intended to use it in order to spread the will of the Forsaken, and create his own army of undead, and he didn't care who he used in order to achieve that goal. When the Baron intended to use the innocent Anveena Teague (who - unknown to anyone, including her - was actually the avatar of the Thalassian Sunwell) to power the Orb, Trag closed his fist around the Baron's hand, destroying the artifact and causing a frost wyrm he had summoned to crash onto the castle.