Utren Voren

Utren Voren is a knight of the Ebon Blade.  He serves as an emissary to the Alliance.  He is known for his skill with a runeblade and his role in the downfall of the city of Vihnbrad while under the Lich King's control.  


He was born in Vorendal Manor, which was established by Utren's ancestor who came to Lordaeron from Arathi.  He fought in the Second War and chased the orcs across the sea. Though reprimanded for cutting down wounded orcs he was knighted on the field by one of Turalyon's liutentants.  He fought demons at Hyjal and observed first-hand the ruthless tactics used by the Scourge.  When a mysterious plague began to sweep the countryside he was recalled to Lordaeron and took control of his dying father's estate. Having only known a soldier's life up to this point, his rule was harsh and his punishments were draconian.  Disputes were settled by hanging.  Violence was punished with dismemberment. The Scourge soon laid siege to the Northlands, and Voren led the final charge against them after supplies ran out. He was directly infused with necromantic power by an archlich, after which he turned his blade on those he had protected. After the events of Light's Hope he joined the fight against Arthas in Icecrown, operating out of the Shadow Vault. Voren yearned for his homeland after years of fighting cultists and monsters of Pandaria.  He swore an oath to Madelynne. He fought to reclaim the Undercity and quell a Syndicate-backed rebellion.  He currently trains soldiers and awaits the next call to battle.


He hates the Forsaken with a passion, though he resembles them in some ways. He is obsessed with reclaiming what small traces remain of his former life as a minor noble of Lordaeron, such as the ruins of Castle Vorendal which are under the Banshee Queen's control.


"Anyone who tires may rest on the point of my runeblade."

"Soldiers of the Brotherhood! Crush their bones and smash their skulls!"

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