Truesilver is one of the rarest and hardest metals on Azeroth. Truesilver is the purest form of silver in the world, and has a reputation for being both lighter and stronger than steel, and is often a favored metal for both weapons and armor manufacture, as well as use in electrical wiring by Gnomish and Goblin engineers. Truesilver is seen as a sign of status amongst many Human and Dwarves noble houses, and will often coat their arms and armor in this valuable metal.

Truesilver has a number of magical properties to it. Dwarven armor smiths are known for giving heavy armor the Truesilver treatment to imbue suits of armor with arcane properties. Interestingly, Truesilver is also Lethal to Worgen, and objects crafted from it will kill one easily, including the infamous "Truesilver Bullet."