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Entrance to the Tower.

The Tower of Azora is a mage tower in the eastern woodlands of Elwynn Forest. The tower is named after the great mage Azora, who founded the tower in the early days of the kingdom to advance magical learning in the south away from Dalaran. Though the Wizard's Sanctum in Stormwind City is the center of magical research and training, the Tower of Azora is a close second. The Tower of Azora is where new apprentices and novice mages start to study and learn. The Tower is home to many artifacts of arcane power; most notably the Eye of Azora. The collection of arcane artifacts is cared for by Dawn Brightstar. The tower is also home to many mages who can't access the labs of the Wizard's Sanctum.

The Eye of AzoraEdit

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The Eye of Azora

The Eye of Azora is the tower's most prized possesion. It is a diviner's crystal ball of great power. It is attuned to the many ley lines running through the Kingdom of Stormwind and can show the user almost any location within, so long as the area wishing to be seen is not warded. The Eye is closely guarded by the attendents and mages who make the tower their home.

Champion-Mage of AzoraEdit

The Champion-Mage serves as the keeper over Azora, in charge of keeping order within the tower and is reponsible for the upkeep of the magical artifact collection. The Champion-Mage of Azora must be a master of the enchantment and divination schools of magic. The current Champion-Mage of Azora is Theocritus


Adapted from Wowpedia

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