Archmage Tiral Arentis
Tiral Arentis



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Place of Birth

Elwynn Forest


Commander of the First Regiment (Formerly)




Stormwind Circle of Magi
Eyes of Old
Stormwind Army




House of Arentis


Lawful Evil



Tiral Arentis, former Knight-Captain, serves as an informal advisor to Marshal Maxen Montclair. Presiding over multiple strategic and tactical victories as part of the Elwynn Brigade's First Regiment, Arentis served the Kingdom faithfully and participated in campaigns across Azeroth. He reappeared several years ago following his assumed death at the hands of the Eyes of Old, and formally resigned his command with an honorable discharge.


Tiral Arentis is a tall, thin man with pale skin, gray hair, and light blue-gray eyes. He keeps his hair and beard well-trimmed, and his clothes are clean and finely made. 

Due to his use of magic, he seems considerably older than his actual age of around forty-three.


Tiral during his service to the Stormwind Army

Serving Stormwind to the EndEdit

Tiral Arentis enlisted in the Stormwind Army several months after the Battle of Mount Hyjal. Following a period of time serving under several minor regiments in the post-war period, he was assigned to the First Regiment in 29 L.C.

Due to excellence in all fields of service, he was rewarded with a quick climb to the position of Knight-Lieutenant. In time, this translated to an effective position of second-in-command to the Marshal Montclair. Winning glory, accolades, and prestige with his decisive style of leadership and determination to achieve victory, his decisions on the field of battle remain somewhat questionable. While some of those serving under him viewed Arentis as a capable, pragmatic leader, others viewed him as a more ruthless figure who took unnecessary risks with the lives of those under him.

Among his blacker marks, written off the record, are supposedly: ordering the sacking of civilian Horde settlements, attempting to instate a policy of taking no prisoners, executing captured civilians, knowingly ordering soldiers into situations of certain death, and wantonly using destructive spells that harmed both his own men and the enemy. Regardless of the truth, he was never formally censured and maintained an impeccable record throughout his record of service.

Arentis presided over several victories, most notably the Siege of Northwatch Keep. He received decorations and recognition for having fought in critical battles such as the Battle for Ironforge, the Fall of Thundermar, the Rout at Thandol Span, and the Siege of Tiragarde Keep.

Following Marshal Montclair's capture as a prisoner of war by the Hawktotem Tribe, Arentis was instated as acting Commander and successfully negotiated the eventual ransom of the Marshal after an uncertain period of about a week.

A few weeks after the execution of Chieftain Hranu Hawktotem of the Hawktotem Tribe following a trial in Stormwind guarded by the First Regiment, while commanding troops in upper Stranglethorn Vale, Arentis was taken captive by the notorious Eyes of Old. Despite efforts to rescue him, he was seemingly killed before the sight of a dozen eyewitnesses and turned to ash. Following his apparent death, he was formally buried on the shores of Lake Everstill and posthumously promoted to Knight-Captain.

After a period of captivity by the Eyes of Old for several months; Arentis was released for unknown reasons. Choosing to recuperate in Dalaran from both mental and physical ailments, he returned to Stormwind that winter and formally resigned his command before the Marshal. Receiving an honorable discharge, he asked and was given a position as informal advisor to the Marshal. On rare circumstances, he appears to meet with the Marshal, usually speaking with him for some time before departing again for an indefinite length of time.

He recently returned to aid the First Regiment for a period of several weeks, during one of their campaigns to Draenor. Following their escape from a temporary period of captivity, he disappeared yet again to return someday.


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