Tiffin Ellerian Wrynn, Queen of Stormwind


Queen of Stormwind




The Fair
The Just

Date of Birth

686 K.C.


House of Ellerian
Stormwind Peerage
Grand Alliance

Previous Titles




Immediate Relatives

Chester Ellerian (brother)
Abigail Ellerian (sister)
Varian Wrynn (husband)
Anduin Llane Wrynn (son)

Tiffin Ellerian was the late Queen of the Kingdom of Stormwind as wife to Varian Wrynn. Hailing from the province of Westfall, she was a survivor of the Orcish Wars who was arranged a marriage with Varian soon after the Alliance of Lordaeron liberated the Kingdom of Azeroth. She bore Prince Anduin Llane Wrynn as an heir to the throne, and spent much of her time with her cherished son.

Tragically, Tiffin was slain by a rock thrown during the Stonemason Riots despite her own pleading that the Stonemason's Guild be paid fairly for their reconstruction of Stormwind City. King Varian fell into a great depression after her death and had a grand monument erected in her honor in the Stormwind City Cemetary.

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