Thomas Wrynn, Fourth King of Azeroth


King of Azeroth


Adam Wrynn



Date of Birth

39 K.C.


House of Wrynn
Stormwind Peerage

Previous Titles

Crown Prince of Stormwind



Immediate Relatives

Adam Wrynn (father)
Samson Wrynn (brother)
Mary Brightwood (wife)


92 K.C. - 125 K.C.

Taking after his father's Adam Wrynn charge of hunting down the Wolfcult, Thomas Wrynn rooted out many of the cult's leaders through thorough sweeping of Elwynn Forest and Brightwood with the Stormwind Circle of Magi and the Brotherhood of the Horse. In 106 K.C., Thomas Wrynn himself led the charge in the decisive Battle of Brightbank, where nearly a dozen rogue wizards and their thralls were slain.

In 125 K.C., King Thomas was assassinated by his wife Mary Brightwood - who upon placing the blame on his brother Samson Wrynn, sparked the Ten Years' Strife.

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