Private Thomas Lausten


17 P.C.


Alliance Private



Thomas Lausten was a private in the Stormwind Army during the First, Second, and Third wars. He was killed by an orc raiding party shortly before the Outland Campaign. He is the husband of Meriahm Lausten.


Joining the army at a very young age, Thomas participated in the Battle of Stormwind. After the city was destroyed, Thomas accompanied the refugees north, where he assisted in their protection. During this time, he met a young mage named Meriahm Parris. Initially intimidated by her, Thomas evenually overcame his insecurity and the two became close. Some time later, the two were married.

After the Third War, the two returned to Stormwind, where Thomas continued to serve in the Stormwind Army. He died defending a caravan from an orc raiding party. His body was returned to Stormwind and buried in a cemetary near the Tower of Azora.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Thomas was a tall man with dark hair.

He was a fiercely loyal citizen of Stormwind, serving in its army for most of his life. He was also a strong believer in the Church of the Holy Light, a view that he did not share with his wife.