Thomas Kalron

Thomas stands at an average height of 5'9", and weighs in at around 170 lbs. His body is fit and in shape, with lean and nimble muscle coating his light frame. Dark brown hair rests shaggily on his head, and his face often dons a rough beard. His eyes are light green, and his skin is tan from many days working the farm or fighting in the field.


Thomas was born in Westfall to two farmers nearing the end of the first war. Due to this inconvenient timeframe in which to have a baby, his parents had to raise him on what little they had that wasn't ravaged by the orcish hordes. But, within a couple years friendly armies restored peace to the Kalron's homeland as Thomas was nearing adolescence. He lived a peasant's life, as most did, and he was fine with it.

When Thomas turned twenty he packed his things and took off for a different life after a change in heart. He wanted to do something greater, and what's better than being a soldier? He travelled to Stormwind and saw the green and yellow banners of Kul Tiras' recruiters. Eager for adventure, Thomas signed up and learned the way of the marine. Over the course of a couple years he battled pirates, enemy vessels, naga, and other creatures.

When he returned home to Stormwind to make port he heard news of Westfall's plight. It had been plagued by cutthroats and now lay fallow. Thomas shed the foreign uniform and took up his own country's by joining the First Regiment, hoping to one day return peace to his home. Thomas sent back portions of his pay to his family in the farmlands until most of its inhabitants became homeless in the wake of the War Against the Scourge. His family packed their things and travelled to Thomas' Lord's lands; Westridge, where they continue to live to this day.

Thomas continues to serve in the First as a Lieutenant and was recently knighted as Sir Thomas the Rock.

After months of combating the rebel forces of Harold Brook, Thomas died March 28 during the Battle of Breaker Hill to Sir Marcus the Wall. His ribs were crushed and his chest cavity demolished, and though the efforts of Dame Meriliah and Meriah Laldere were valiant, they were not enough to save the man.

Thomas in Wetlands

Thomas and fellow regiment soldiers in the Wetlands.

Thomas, Bhaldorn, Rick

Bhaldorn (left), Thomas, and Rick Finley (right) recruiting.

KTMC lineup

Thomas lined up in the Kul Tiras Marine Corps.

Tom, Bhal, Zya, Morim, Sam, Adiar

The old ducks.

IMG 8529

The New Ducks.