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A portion of the Uplands, spanning the valley.

The Uplands is a stretch of plains above the Alterac Mountains, nestled between the Alterac Mountains and the bordering mountains of the Western Plaguelands. It is claimed to be a heavily agrarian region of the north, as hinted by Dandred's Fold.

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After the fall of the City State of Alterac, the Uplands was in complete disarray. Its former nobility had completely fled the region, fearing persecution at the expense of Kormed Wolfheart. Long after, Lord Steele of Nevahris moved a fair amount of displayed persons to settle in the area. Among those persons was Sir Daemos Whitemane, a member of Steele's inner circle, who upon reaching the Foothills took up residence in the area. He'd later go on to build his station, Fort Endurance, inside the mountain range that bordered the Western Plaguelands.