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The First Regiment


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February 4, 2010




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The First Regiment of the Elwynn Brigade is one of the most prestigious units of the Stormwind Army - having fought in nearly every war and field of battle in contemporary Azeroth. The regiment has historically been manned by men-at-arms from the Duchy of Westridge and is presently commanded by the Duke of Westridge, Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair. The unit maintains positive relations with the subjects of the Kingdom of Stormwind and is well-known throughout the Grand Alliance.

"Tis' easy to bear arms and armor and carry out acts deemed necessary by your betters. The narrow path of bearing them only for the right and the good, however, is seldom followed. War upon us, the path grows narrower still. Fathers, sons, mothers and daughters stand beneath banners torn, their blood sought by those who will stop at nothing to dominate this world.

We are our king's hand in this time of darkness, bound to his will and tempered by his mercy. Guided by the Light's virtues three, our charge is clear - we shall protect the innocent and exact just retribution upon those who would threaten our mighty people. We are the next generation of heroes. Let us stride in our forefathers' footsteps."

- Lord Maxen Montclair, addressing new recruits of the first regiment of the Elwynn Brigade.

"In service to the king, we ride and sing. The armsman's charge we bear. Under banners blue, our motives true, we fight for values fair."

~ An Unknown Soldier

Early HistoryEdit

From the annals of Westridge, as it is known;

Founding - 592 PCEdit

The House of Montclair, having fronted a significant force of horsemen to aid the rebel efforts in the War of Stormwind's Independence, was awarded what would come to be known as Westridge by the House of Wrynn at the war's close - 592 years before the opening of the Dark Portal. Of the most stalwart of the cavalry militia, several swore oaths to protect this newly enfranchised land. Knights in their own right, these sworn horsemen would make up the first of the Westridge Cavaliers.

Lost History I, Consolidation of the Realm - 594 PC - 533 PCEdit

The history between 594 and 533 PC is inexplicably lost or destroyed. While some speculate it was merely lost in the fires of the Orcish Wars, others find that every reference to these years has been struck from the annals almost deliberately.

((To be discovered in future guild plotlines.))

The Wolfcult - 495 PC - 486 PCEdit

During the reign of Thomas Wrynn I, the Westridge Cavaliers were written to have played an integral role in the hunt for the Wolfcult that terrorized the countryside. In 486 PC, the climactic Battle of Brightbank left the cult crushed and the Kingdom free from their reign of horror. It is highly speculated that the defeat of the cult was a motivation behind the assassination of Thomas I years later.

10 Years' Strife - 467 PC - 457 PCEdit

The civil war that rocked the kingdom after the assassination of Thomas I was a trying time for both the House of Wrynn and its subjects. While there is postwar record of the Westridge Cavaliers fighting in the name of Samson Wrynn, there is no known document that survives from the era.

((To be discovered in future guild plotlines.))

Rise in the Age of Plenty - 417 PC - 232 PCEdit

Rewarded for their service to Samson Wrynn, the Westridge Cavaliers reaped the benefits of association with the victors of the civil war. The order expanded greatly throughout the Age of Plenty and adopted the beginnings of what is now its chivalric code. The cavaliers took part in quashing the Peasant Rebellions of 343 that plunged the provinces of Westfall and western Elwynn Forest into chaos.

War of the Three Hammers - 232 PC - 228 PCEdit

After the Dark Iron Clan attacked the kingdom's holdings in the Red Steppes, King Charles Wrynn directed several of Stormwind's cavalry regiments to aid the House of Morgan in battle. The Westridge Cavaliers among them, the cavalry force won decisive battles that forced the Dark Irons on the defensive. Only when the Firelord, Ragnaros was summoned did the forces of Stormwind suffer tragic losses - rendering the Red Steppes into a burning wasteland. Losing nearly two thirds of their knights, the Westridge Cavaliers took more than four decades to recover.

In the Age of Conquest - 228 PC - 127 PCEdit

Two generations of raising knights was what it took to usher in a new age for the Westridge Cavaliers. After Eadred Wrynn passed under mysterious circumstances, the cavaliers were sent to secure the kingdom's newly conquered holdings in the Black Morass. It was there that they discovered and defeated a cult of swamp trolls that practiced vile acts of sacrifice and primal magic. It was later revealed that the trolls had cursed King Eadred for his prior conquest into their land.

The Age of ChaosEdit

The fall of the kingdom, the rise of heroes.

The First War - 0 LC - 5 LCEdit

Of all events in history, none were more damaging to the Westridge Cavaliers than the destruction wrought by the Orcish Horde. Although valiant in their defense of Stormwind City in the initial attack, the cavaliers lost dozens upon dozens of knights during the course of the war.

With King Adamant Wrynn III dead, the Westridge Cavaliers were sent among a large force to fortify the kingdom's eastern front against future attack. Despite all efforts, the orcs broke through the Redridge Mountain Range and terrorized the countryside with impunity. During the Siege of Goldshire, Duke Albert Montclair, Lord-Commander of the cavaliers was slain ingloriously before his son, Maxen Montclair. Taking up his father's sword, Maxen led the cavaliers in the failing defense of the realm. Pushed back to Westridge Keep, they held out against the orcs for nearly a month before being forced to make a costly retreat to Stormwind City.

Battered and broken, the remaining forces of the Westridge Cavaliers were ordered to join the Brotherhood of the Horse in a last defense of the realm. While most rode out to fight the Horde in the field, others aided in the evacuation efforts in the city. Only the numbered few in the city managed to escape with their lives in the exodus to Lordaeron.

The Second War - 5 LC - 7 LCEdit

As were most of the surviving warriors of Stormwind with their experience in fighting the Orcish Horde, the remaining Westridge Cavaliers were tasked with training and leading Lordaeronian troops. Given command of a full regiment of soldiers, Duke Maxen and his cavaliers were sent to the front lines of battle during the Second War.

After aiding Quel'Thalas in rescuing a number of their rangers from the Horde, the Westridge Cavaliers spearheaded a crushing victory at the Thandol Span. The Westridge Cavaliers infiltrated Northeron and dealt severe damage to the Dragonmaw Clan's fortifications. It was then that the Wildhammer Clan proclaimed those of Westridge as always welcome in Northeron.

Smashing their way through Khaz Modan with the rest of the Alliance of Lordaeron, the Westridge Cavaliers fought bravely up through the siege of Blackrock Mountain, liberating the Kingdom of Azeroth and ushering in the Alliance's victory against the Horde.

Reconstruction, Draenor and the Third War - 7 LC - 22 LCEdit

The end of the Orcish Wars did not grant the Westridge Cavaliers the respite they deserved. With the kingdom in ruins, the cavaliers were quick to begin reconstruction throughout not only Westridge but the other provinces of the realm. Throughout the kingdom, kobolds, murlocs and bandits took advantage of the lack of order and caused chaos where they could. As part of several sweeping reforms to the Stormwind Army, the Westridge Cavaliers were incorporated into the first regiment of the Elwynn Brigade.

With the reopening of the Dark Portal months after Nethergarde Keep's construction, the regiment was called amongst the Sons of Lothar to invade Draenor and defeat the orcs once and for all. The hell that awaited the Alliance forces took several of the cavaliers with it. A number were rendered insane and others were mangled by Draenic wildlife. By chance, Westridgean forces were cycled out of Draenor less than a week before the events that led to the portal's destruction. Under King Varian Wrynn's leadership, the years that followed ushered in Westridge's regrowth and Stormwind's reemergence as a world power. In Westridge, several monuments were dedicated to those lost in the Orcish Wars and Draenor. Westridgean soldiers finished the reconstruction of their land and settled in for what appeared to be a lasting peace.

The disturbing rise of death cults in Lordaeron prompted King Varian to send aid, with the first regiment leading one of the many contingents of Stormwind soldiers. As the regiment forces delved into Northern Lordaeron and the Eversong Woods, they came in contact with the poisonous monstrosities of the Cult of the Damned; fighting in vain and losing scores of men. Faced with an overwhelming defeat in southern Quel'Thalas, the forces of Stormwind had no choice but to withdraw and return to their homeland.

Draenor and NorthrendEdit

Justice through great cost.

The Dark Times - 22 LC - 25 LCEdit

Lady Katrana Prestor's ascension in Stormwind's courts correlated to several tragedies in the realm - most notably Queen Tiffin Wrynn's death and the rise of the Defias Brotherhood. With their lord wracked with grief, the first regiment fended for the good of their land without orders. Order was stringently held in Westridge as Westfall collapsed into anarchy and the roads of Elwynn Forest were picked clean by bandits. Westbrook Garrison stood as one of the last bastions of order in the kingdom due to the soldiers' efforts.

Call to Arms, the Burning Crusade - 25 LC - 27 LCEdit

Only by direct orders from Highlord Bolvar Fordragon did Duke Maxen emerge from his hermitage, forced to face the chaos that bred while he grieved. Taking immediate and vindictive action, Duke Maxen marched the regiment through Elwynn to drive the bandits from their camps. The soldiers under his command had captured or executed over one hundred bandits by the year's end.

The Grand Alliance scrambled to muster forces after the second reopening of the Dark Portal, knowing full well the destruction it had wrought in wars past. As part of the initial surge into Draenor, the first regiment reunited with the Sons of Lothar and remained on the Hellfire Peninsula through the end of the war as cavalry and infantry support.

War against the Lich King - 28 LC - 31 LCEdit

Victory in the Outlands boosted Stormwind's pride as a nation - the ills of its provinces stamped out by adventurers heralded by King Varian Wrynn's return to the throne. In the time of peace that followed, Duke Maxen led the regiment on several personal expeditions throughout Azeroth. Forays into the Arathi Highlands, the Badlands and Silverpine Forest were fraught with danger as the regiment battled dragons, orcs, dark iron dwarves and the shambling undead.

The Undead Scourge's attack on Stormwind City and other cities of Azeroth sent the kingdom into a frenzy of war production. The resources gathered in the time of peace were quickly transformed into ships, cannons, armor and weapons - and the first regiment's soldiers were among those who were outfitted with the finest of equipment. Landing in the Grizzly Hills alongside the Westfall Brigade, the first regiment aided in the initial fortifications that would eventually serve as staging grounds for the assault on Icecrown.

Several of the knights of the Westridge Cavaliers enlisted within the Argent Tournament and proved themselves as worthy champions amongst the Grand Alliance. Joining in the climactic siege of Icecrown Citadel, the men and women of Westridge fought alongside the forces of good to bring the Lich King's reign of terror to an end.

Recent HistoryEdit

In the wake of chaos, securing the peace;

Aftermath of Draenor and Northrend - 30 LC - 31 LCEdit

Fighting through both the Burning Crusade into Draenor and the war in Northrend drained the regiment of its vitality, the order suffering heavy casualties in both wars with little respite between them. After the fall of the Lich King, the war with Horde paused tentatively as nations grappled with post-war economic failings.


The First Regiment in Redridge.

Under the king's orders, the first regiment conducted a campaign to secure the realm and rebuild what was lost. It was a driving force in the fortification of the kingdom's holdings in Elwynn Forest, Westfall, Duskwood, the Burning Steppes, and the Redridge Mountains - paving roads, constructing towers, repairing bridges, and in general, protecting the people from foreign and domestic threats. Several expeditions were made into the continent of Lordaeron, where the regiment served to reinforce the efforts of Stromgarde, Lordaeron, and Kul Tiras who were gripped by war with the undead plague. Fighting through both the Burning Crusade into Draenor and the war against the Lich King drained the regiment of its vitality, the unit suffering heavy casualties in both wars with little respite between them.

After the fall of the Lich King, the war with Horde at a tentative end as nations grappled with post-war economic failings. In Westfall, Sentinel Keep rose as a testament to the freedom brought by the return of the Westfall Brigade. A glimmer of hope was felt throughout the kingdom. After completing a tour to rout the last of the scourge forces of Zul'Drak in Northrend, the regiment settled into peacetime duties at home.

The CataclysmEdit


The First Regiment in the Barrens.

The peace was short lived, however. Blackrock orcs poured in from the Burning Steppes, overwhelming the Redridge Garrison. Propaganda spread throughout the kingdom of a rising cult. Skirmishes with the Horde broke out in Kalimdor and Lordaeron, and Alliance nations pleaded for aid. Despite every effort put forth by the king's forces, the kingdom crumbled into disarray. When the elemental invasion erupted, the soldiers of the Westridge Brigade remained vigilant in the defensive efforts - helping King Varian and the adventurers of the Alliance in pushing the rampaging elements back into their plane.

After Deathwing destroyed a large portion of Stormwind City, King Varian Wrynn issued a royal edict; expanding the size and scope of the Stormwind Army. The first regiment, refurbished with new soldiers and knights, was on the forefront in the Cataclysm's aftermath. Taking the fight to the Twilight Cult in the Wildhammer Highlands, the Orcish Horde in Kalimdor, and bringing further aid to Stormwind's allies in Lordaeron, it enacted the king's doctrine abroad, earning the trust of Stormwind's allies in the Eastern Kingdoms.


Screen shot 2012-10-28 at 9.53.43 PM

The regiment meeting Pandaren representatives in the Jade Forest.

The discovery of Pandaria further strained the kingdom as both Alliance and Horde scrambled to conquer and utilize its resources. Amongst the later units deployed to the continent, the Westridge Cavaliers at the helm of the first regiment aiding in the recapture of Strongarm Airstrip alongside the Seventh Vanguard. After cycling out to quell criminal outbreaks in Stormwind City, the regiment returned to Pandaria to aid in the efforts to secure the Lu Bian Relic that was purported to have Sha-repelling properties. In all efforts, the regiment aided the Pandaren in maintaining sovereignty over their lands - fighting numerous battles against the Horde.


The first regiment fighting in the city of Orgrimmar.

After the events of the Lion's Landing, Duke Maxen withdrew his forces from the Stormwind Army in an act of protest against the imperialist nature a number of high-ranking Stormwind officials had taken towards the Pandaren. Returning to Stormwind, he pulled a number of the cavaliers from the regiment to serve in the ingdom as corruption lingered in the courts of the land. Disturbing rumors of warlocks and rogue wizards in Elwynn Forest were made true as a shadowy mist crept across the river from Duskwood. Whilst the forces of Eastvale fought in the hunt for Turalyon in Draenor, the Westridge Cavaliers bravely defended their holdings from vile spiders and demons. For months they persisted, venturing into the Burning Steppes and fighting cultists throughout the realm.

When word of plans to siege Orgrimmar reached him, Duke Maxen returned from his retirement and retook command of the first regiment - concerned that the Alliance would attempt genocide upon the orcs. Joining the charge upon Durotar itself, the regiment fought valiantly to the very gates of the city, taking part in the siege. The Alliance-Rebel victory over Garrosh Hellscream was celebrated throughout the lands, with those who participated in it to be hallowed for generations to come.

Post-Siege "Armistice"Edit


The battle for Honor Hold during the Post-Siege Fel Reaver Crisis.

The first regiment stood guard amongst the war-crime trial that followed. Utterly disgusted by the kangaroo court that sentenced many of the Horde without evidence or testimony, Lord Maxen swore that the regiment would uphold justice in what future conflicts were to follow with the Horde under Vol'jin.

The hopes for peace with the Horde would be shattered in the efforts of reconstruction following the war against Garrosh. Setrien Dawnlight, the son of a blood elven sovereign who was assassinated in Stormwind, held Lord Maxen and the regiment responsible - seeking their blood at every opportunity. The regiment battled them in Westfall and thwarted their attack on Honor Hold in the Outlands at great cost. When war broke out between the dwarves and orcs of Northeron, Lord Maxen led the regiment to intervene. The soldiers of Westridge sheltered several orcish orphans from being slaughtered by Alliance forces but were unable to prevent the hostilities from reigniting the war between the Alliance and Horde.


Receiving dwarven-forged arms for the Post-Siege Dragon Crisis.

Crippled by a sudden fever, Lord Maxen rent many aspects of command of the regiment to Knight-Captain Grayloth Ke'tar in the latter parts of the campaign in Northeron. The warchief of the Dragonmaw Orcs was ingloriously executed without trial by the forces of Ironforge and Gilneas, prompting a ruthless counterattack by the Horde. The regiment pulled its troops from the field in contempt and refocused itself on internal matters within the Kingdom of Stormwind.

As Lord Maxen recovered from his illness, desperate pleas for aid from Eastvale set the regiment on the march once again. What eventually would be known as the Post-Siege Dragon Crisis sent the unit far and wide on a dragon hunt. Employing dwarven-forged arms and armor, the regiment slew a blue drake in Dun Morogh and marched to meet another in the ruins of Eastvale. Throughout their endeavors the purpose and mysterious leadership behind the dragon attacks was never learned.


Fortifying Strom alongside the League of Lordaeron during the March on the Highlands.

Spurred on by the Alliance's actions in Northeron and a buildup of Alliance troops in the region, independent factions within the New Horde launched a devastating attack on Strom and ignited a conflict known as the March on the Highlands. Lord Maxen led the regiment alongside the battered forces of the Alliance to no avail, unable to prevent the already crippled city from being sacked by the Horde forces in the Arathi Highlands. To make matters worse for the regiment's spirits, Lady Mairaed Montclair was stricken with an illness that was determined to be brought upon by poisoning.

In a desperate measure to save Lady Mairaed, Duke Maxen marched the regiment north in search of a fabled fountain of health. Their search brought them to the border of the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas, where the regiment was ambushed and overwhelmed by blood elven rangers under command of Setrien Dawnlight. The Marshal surrendered himself to the elves in a bargain to let the rest of the regiment go, and was dragged off in chains to Silvermoon City. Captain Grayloth Eowdrei Ke'tar continued the search and eventually found the fountain of health in the Hinterlands and secured an antidote for Lady Mairaed. Dame Theodora De Vries was also captured, and both she and Lord Maxen were tortured by Setrien's forces in a secluded corner of the city. They were eventually released by the blood elves after Lord Maxen was coerced to sign several incriminating documents that pledged funding to Setrien Dawnlight's Fireborne and declared criminal several Alliance commanders.


The regiment shortly before the Post-Siege Stranglethorn Border Conflict.

Upon Maxen's return to Stormwind, he declared all the documents signed to be null and void - infuriating Setrien Dawnlight. The regiment continued with their regular duties in the realm of Stormwind until they were ordered to march to the Stranglethorn Vale and reinforce the kingdom's border against a perceived threat from the orcs from Grom'gol Base Camp. The Post-Siege Stranglethorn Border Conflict erupted when a band of orcs known as the Stranglehold Warband attacked Stormwind outposts on the border of the kingdom and stole several carts worth of supplies. After basing in Fort Livingston, the regiment scoured the jungle for the thieves. The soldiers of Stormwind were ambushed on several occasions but were never able to apprehend the orcs. The regiment marched north empty-handed.

The orcish children apprehended during the Dragonmaw Subjugation were in a precarious position in the Duchy of Westridge. An angry mob nearly broke into the orphanage where they were being held, demanding that they be killed. After Lord Maxen appealed to King Varian about the future of the orcish children, the regiment was tasked with escorting them to Ratchet where they would be handed off to neutral parties. While en-route, the Westridge fleet was attacked and overwhelmed by pro-war pirates, forced to scuttle upon the coast of Tol Barad.


Securing the remains of a Hellscream Loyalist camp on Tol Barad during the Post-Siege Baradin Conflict.

Scattered and in chaos, the regiment regrouped on the isle and rescued several orcish children that were washed overboard during the naval battle. While on Tol Barad, the regiment encountered several camps of loyalists to Garrosh Hellscream and defeated them soundly. The regiment was able to depart from Tol Barad and sail on to Kalimdor after securing the favor of the Baradin's Wardens.

Finding little respite in Kalimdor, the first regiment was immediately thrust into the Alliance-Horde conflict that was known as Bleeding the Mountain. The regiment marched on and secured the Northwatch Expedition Base Camp. Despite pleas and threats from pro-war Alliance factions, Lord Maxen refused to send regiment troops to attack Horde settlements in the region. The regiment held the lines at the southern outpost and defended against several Horde attacks before both sides of the conflict withdrew their forces.


The First Regiment gathered at the Temple of the White Tiger.

In a bid to solidify Pandaria-Stormwind relations, King Varian Wrynn deployed the first regiment to Pandaria once again on a lengthy expeditionary mission. Upon landing in the Jade Forest Province, the regiment toured all of Pandaria and its four major temples, aiding each province's pandaren against local threats. The month-long deployment ended in tragedy when the regiment passed through the Sha corrupted fields of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Gripped by anger and rage, several soldiers turned on one another and the regiment's pandaren hosts, souring the very relations the regiment was attempting to improve. The regiment was pulled out of Pandaria shortly afterwards by direct order of the king.


Aiding the Argent Crusade in clearing Stratholme of the Undead Scourge.

The first regiment's next deployment was to Lordaeron in another bid by the king to secure new allies while the armistice was in effect. The regiment found more success in the plaguelands, slaying scores of undead alongside the Argent Crusade and helping the crusaders to secure vast swathes of land from the Undead Scourge. By coincidence the regiment encountered and aided the Magus Senate of Dalaran with a number of their own objectives in the plaguelands. Serving alongside the Argents in Tyr's Hand, Stratholme, and Hearthglen, the regiment built a strong bond with the crusade while ridding Azeroth of several vile commanders of the scourge. After their tour in the plaguelands, the regiment moved south into Hillsbrad to work alongside the League of Lordaeron in their efforts against a mysterious assassin. The regiment followed the league into Silverpine Forest where they eventually apprehended the assassin in Fenris Keep. The regiment returned to Stormwind with the promise that they would return and secure the rest of Lordaeron from the undead.

After several weeks of tenuous peace in the kingdom, the regiment was called to investigate the disappearances of several Stormwind patrols in the Swamp of Sorrows. The situation soon escalated when the patrols were found to be murdered by The Fireborne in an act of desperate vengeance by Setrien Dawnlight. The Fireborne amassed a fleet of ships that blockaded Nethergarde Keep and used their ground forces to cut the Blasted Lands off from the rest of Stormwind. The Alliance launched the operation, Hell's Gate, to break the siege of Netherarde and beat back the Fireborne once and for all. Neither the Fireborne or the Alliance forces expected what would become of the Blasted Lands in the events to follow.

Tide of IronEdit

Old enemies in new circumstances.

The Iron Horde InvasionEdit


The first regiment rallying at Chiselgrip after their victories against the Iron Horde.

After Garrosh Hellscream's successful Time Splicing of the Dark Portal, the Iron Horde surged through it and into the Blasted Lands with the conquest of all of Azeroth as their objective. Both the Grand Alliance and New Horde immediately mobilized their forces to counter the invasion, but not before Nethergarde Keep and Dreadmaul Hold were captured by the Iron Horde. The first regiment joined the Alliance forces in the Blasted Lands and helped stem the tide of orcs while plans to recapture the portal were drafted.

The regiment was pulled back to the Burning Steppes after Iron Horde warbands were reported to be operating in the area. Led by Vindicator Azmoz, the regiment launched several attacks on the Iron Horde's operations in the steppes to great success. The regiment followed the Iron Horde all the way into Blackrock Mountain where they fought the remnants of the Old Horde. Deeper still into the mountain, the regiment foiled an Iron Horde plot to use a bomb to make Blackrock Mountain erupt.

With the full might of the Grand Alliance and New Horde mobilized, the first regiment joined the grand army that marched on the dark portal and stepped beyond the threshold into old draenor. From there, they engaged fully in the War against the Iron Horde.



The first regiment shortly before marching into Old Draenor.

One of the most decorated of the Stormwind Army's many units, the first regiment of the Elwynn Brigade, or as many claim, "the regiment," have served the Wrynn bloodline since the founding of the kingdom under Logan Wrynn I. Deeply rooted in the military traditions passed down from those who fought the Arathorian Legion of old, the first regiment is made up of many peoples recruited from the reaches of the kingdom. Its men-at-arms are disciplined and held to high standards of professionalism and chivalry. Through its service, the first regiment is revered throughout the realm by not only the king and his subjects, but by many of the allies of the kingdom.

As both the war with the New Horde and civil unrest in the kingdom accelerate in the aftermath of the Iron Horde invasion, the first regiment has become hard pressed to maintain order in the king's holdings both at home and abroad. The regiment marches on - delivering the king's doctrine to wherever duty calls...

Long Standing AlliesEdit

Long-standing allies of the regiment:

<Clergy of the Holy Light>
The Kingdom of Stormwind has always supported the church of the Holy Light with loyal parishioners and the church has always aided the Kingdom of Stormwind in times of peril and strife. For years, the lay-priests and paladins of the clergy have stood beside the first regiment through spiritual guidance, medical aid and militant support.

<Stormwind City Watch>
The city watch and the first regiment have shared the responsibility of keeping the peace in the kingdom's capital ever since the restructuring of the realm after the Lich King's defeat. Sharing legal documents, information, manpower and sometimes coffee under extreme circumstances, the watch and the first regiment maintain respectable cooperation under the king's writ.

<The League of Lordaeron>
Holding true to the Alliance that liberated Stormwind from the Orcish Horde, the House of Wrynn has provided tremendous support to the refugees of Lordaeron and their war efforts. The first regiment has served alongside their league on multiple battlefronts against the new Horde, with the hope that someday Lordaeron will be liberated in return.

<The Dwarven Vanguard>
Stormwind and Ironforge have a deeply understood bond, tempered through the War of the Three Hammers and the war with the Orcish Horde. The first regiment, which fought beside King Magni's mountain guard before the Cataclysm, now support the vanguard formed by the three dwarven races that now share Ironforge mountain.

<Kul Tiras Marines>
The Alliance war effort would not be complete without naval dominance. Kul Tiras has time and time again delivered on that aspect, earning the respect of Stormwind and her allies. While a friendly rivalry exists between the soldiers of the first regiment and the marines of the fifth fleet, the two units hold a mutual respect and admiration that is seldom matched.

<The Silver Hand Chapter>
Led by Lord Tenevus Stromheart, the Silver Hand Chapter of Stormwind has enjoyed a respectful partnership with the first regiment. Whether in joint operations or pledged aid, Westridge and the Stormwind chapter have been dearly allied.

<The Seventh Vanguard>
As the jointly supported force of the Grand Alliance, the Seventh Legion receives a great deal of aid from Westridge in terms of materials, armor and weaponry. The Seventh Vanguard, a division of the Legion, enjoys the same respect - as its commander is a long-time friend of Duke Maxen. The cavaliers have served side by side with the Seventh Vanguard on several fronts in the Alliance-Horde War.

<Magus Senate of Dalaran>
After Jaina Proudmoore expelled the blood elves from Dalaran, the city has pledged its full support towards the Grand Alliance. Its magus senate has given much support to the first regiment in matters of magic. The first regiment holds the senate as a valuable and supported ally.

<Brotherhood of the Horse>
The knighted order of the Kingdom of Stormwind has always received aid from Westridge and the first regiment. The largest division of the order under Armsman Sauviette Longborne has shared close relations with the regiment ever since the Siege of Orgrimmar.

<Legion of Arathor>
The remaining armies of the Kingdom of Stromgarde have pledged themselves to the cause of the Grand Alliance even in their darkest hour. The regiment continues to support their efforts to retake Strom and the greater Arathi Highlands.

Long Standing EnemiesEdit

Long-standing enemies of the regiment:

<The Kor'kron Legion>
As the elite fighting force of the Horde founded under Warchief Thrall, the Kor'kron Legion fought toe-to-toe with the Stormwind Army on all fronts of the Alliance-Horde war. From the jungles of Stranglethorn to the barren lands of Durotar, the regiment and legion have clashed to bloody ends.

<The Sunguard>
Ever since the Sindorei Dominion declared its allegiance to the new Horde in 618 K.C, the blood elves loyal to it have been branded enemies of the Alliance. The first regiment has faced the Sindorei in countless battles, protecting dwarven archaeology sites from their reliquary and aiding Stormwind's allies in Khaz Modan and the northern kingdoms.

<The Legion of Vengance>
The Forsaken's development and use of the blight is one of the primary factors that led King Varian to declare war upon the new Horde. The Forsaken's vanguard, the Legion of Vengeance, has clashed with the regiment several times - reminding its soldiers why the Forsaken conquest must be stopped at all costs.

<The Eyes of Old>
In the aftermath of the war with the Lich King, the regiment hunted down the remnants of the cult of the damned that tried to destabilize Duskwood and bring back the scourge in Zul'drak. A sect of the cult splintered and swore allegiance to Deathwing, bringing war upon the Alliance with their newly granted powers. Even today, heralds of the Twilight cult, the "Eyes of Old" as they call themselves, meddle in Stormwind's affairs.


The First Regiment is divided into several different organizations and orders that differ widely in concept. Members of the guild are expected to choose at least one division to ascribe themselves to, though in certain situations they can be in multiple organizations at once. Some divisions and orders have special requirements that must be met before a member can join.

Royal ArmyEdit

Servants of the realm, the royal army is comprised of the various infantry, missile and artillery troops that are sworn to the House of Wrynn. The Duchy of Westridge contributes its men-at-arms to the first regiment of the Elwynn Brigade, one of the oldest and most prestigious units of the king’s army. The bulk of these forces are trained and based at Westbrook Garrison.

Brotherhood of the HorseEdit

The Brotherhood of the Horse is the official knighted order of the Kingdom of Stormwind and is staunchly loyal to the royal family. Knights of the brotherhood are some of the finest cavalrymen in Azeroth. Most are seasoned warriors who ride armored destriers specifically bred for the brotherhood in the County of Eastvale. The Westridge Cavaliers are the branch of the brotherhood that are equipped by the House of Montclair.

Chapelry of WestridgeEdit

Subject to the greater Diocese of Stormwind, the Chapelry of Westridge is the Church of the Holy Light’s arm in the duchy of the same name. The chapelry provides healers and battle-clerics who serve alongside the royal army as harbingers of their faith. The chapelry follows the will of the Bishop of Stormwind and that of his holiness, Archbishop Alonsus Secundus.

Order of Saint IsaacEdit

So named for Saint Issac Degaullier, the Order of Saint Isaac is a knighted order of paladins that strive to exemplify the values of the church while bringing swift retribution to the wicked and relief to the infirm. Aspirants of the order must take on several trials that test their resolve and adherence to the order’s values.

Westridge Circle of MagiEdit

The Westridge Circle of Magi is the primary authority in matters arcane within the Duchy of Westridge. Though it enjoys a great deal of autonomy within its ivory tower, the circle is ultimately administered by the elder magi of the Wizard’s Sanctum in Stormwind City. The circle supplies the duchy and its men-at-arms with powerful enchantments and wards while some of its mages take up magical arms on the field of battle.

Cabal of the Burning SwordEdit

Commonly known as spellswords, members of the Cabal of the Burning Sword wield enchanted blades and heavy armor into battle. Their fiery swords complement offensive spells that are often used side by side. The method by which the cabal's swords are enchanted are a closely guarded secret, and for good reason - the fiery weaponry is known to be able to sunder the strongest of armor with little effort.

Ranger Order of MirwoodEdit

Often referred to as the “merry men” of the woods, the rangers of Mirwood Forest are known throughout the realm for their skill in archery and tracking. The rangers strive to maintain the natural balance of the forest and the greater Duchy, apprehending poachers and championing the poor. Their relationship with the downtrodden has often put the Mirwood Rangers at odds with the aristocracy of the realm.

Bridgeport FusiliersEdit

Pioneers of newly acquired blackpowder technology, the Bridgeport Blackpowders take their name from the arms foundry in the port-city of Bridgeport where their weapons are manufactured. A wide range of firearms have been devised for use in the field of battle, from massive hand cannons to long-range rifles. The Blackpowders’ fondness for explosives often results in orders for them to set up their tents a considerable distance away from the regiment’s field camps.

Stormwind Foreign LegionEdit

Following the Third War and the establishment of the Grand Alliance, the House of Wrynn granted its newfound allies opportunity to enlist in the royal army. Night elves, Draenei, and now Pandaren have been integrated into the kingdom’s armed forces. Foreign legionnaires are assigned to specific units within the regiment based on their nationality. The legion is an invaluable asset to the regiment when it is deployed to locales well-known by its foreign legionnaires.

Logistics CorpsEdit

It is well known that an army marches on its stomach. The logistics corps of the royal army ensure that the kingdom’s soldiers are well-equipped and fed wherever it may deploy. Cooks, craftsmen and porters all make up the infrastructure that forges and repairs equipment, feeds the troops and transports essential supplies across Azeroth and beyond.


The intelligence agency of the Kingdom of Stormwind has emplaced its agents throughout the royal army to gather information wherever they deploy. SI:7 agents are known to operate alone or with other agents to capture or assassinate high-value targets sought by the king and nobility, employing unconventional tactics and mastery of stealth. All agents are known by codename only - their true identities masked and guarded secrets.

Order of the Pale HorseEdit

The defeat of the Lich King and subsequent collapse of the Undead Scourge left many death knights formerly of the Grand Alliance without cause or purpose. New revelations regarding their insatiable need for violence prompted the House of Wrynn to establish the Order of the Pale Horse to redirect death knights' hunger for bloodshed against the enemies of the kingdom. Pale Knights serve the crown in undeath - bringing horror to the realm’s enemies and hunting down death knights that fell into madness.

Lord’s CouncilEdit

The Lord’s Council of Westridge is made up of the family and advisers to the Duke of Westridge. Noblemen, foreign dignitaries, scholars, tactical analysts and other figures of import have been invited to sit in this esteemed body.

Ranking SystemEdit

As The First Regiment's concept primarily involves military action, its ranking system in majority reflects the regiment of the royal army that makes up the bulk of the guild.


The reigning Duke of the Duchy of Westridge and commander of the first regiment of the Elwynn Brigade.

Lord's CouncilEdit

Family and advisers to the Lord-Marshal. These may include specialized military positions, but are by and large civilian based.

Knight CaptainEdit

Veteran officers and direct advisers to the Lord-Marshal. Knight-Captains are often appointed to lead divisions and campaigns within the first regiment.


Those who accept knighthood and demonstrate excellent leadership capabilities are granted the rank of Knight-Lieutenant. They are tasked with assisting the Lord-Marshal in organizing and leading the regiment as a whole.


Corporals who rise above and beyond expectations are promoted to the rank of Sergeant. Sergeants direct training and push the soldiers of the regiment towards completing the unit's goals. Sergeants must host at least one training and one combat mission per month in order to keep their rank.


Corporals are soldiers who have shown that they are interested in progressing their military career by leading relevant events in service to the kingdom over a long period of time. They are expected to host at least one training per month in order to keep their rank.


Kingsman is a rank reserved for long-term veteran members of the guild who either have no time or interest in leading events and guild plot lines.


Soldiers who have completed their basic training and attended several guild events are promoted to the rank of Private. Those who seek to further their rise in ranks are expected to participate regularly in guild functions and lead events of their own.


Individuals who do not serve in military combat roles or are unfit for service in the military, Attendants make up the auxiliary and civilian member base of the guild. Attendants who establish themselves as leaders by leading events or developing guild concepts can be promoted to the Lord's Council.


Those who are freshly inducted either as soldiers. Recruits are expected to partake in training and guild events to prove their worth.

Campaign ListEdit

The numerous campaigns held by <The First Regiment> and the <Westridge Cavaliers> shall be recorded here.

30 L.C. (2010)Edit











31 L.C. (2011)Edit












32 L.C. (2012)Edit









33 L.C. (2013)Edit








34 L.C. (2014)Edit











OOC InformationEdit

The First Regiment is a heavy role-playing guild whose concept revolves around a Duchy within the Kingdom of Stormwind and the regiment of soldiers that hail from it.

While at our core we can be defined as a military guild, we delve into non-military concepts in our stories that involve magic, the church, rangers, law, nobility and knighthood in creative plot-lines and interactions that have a great deal of fan-fiction and years of role-play history backing them.

We engage in several modes of storytelling, including Dungeons & Dragons styled roll-based events, world RP-PvP with Horde guilds, and creative interaction and conflict with Alliance guilds.

What We OfferEdit

  • A firm grasp of the lore of the Warcraft universe, supplementing it with real-world history based additions. We attempt to portray the reactions that Stormwind's society would have as it rapidly shifts from a Tolkienesque medieval kingdom to a colonial-era patriotic nation.

  • Immersion to the finest detail. We construct and fortify bases, march for days, use ship travel, and deploy across Azeroth for months at a time to maintain in-character continuity and bring RP outside of Stormwind.

  • Camaraderie, fun and respect are all held in high regard. Trolling, mysogyny, unmitigated conflict and discussion of crude topics are not tolerated. The majority of the guild's current officer and staff corps are in their 20's and 30's and would rather not partake in immature behavior.

  • A clearly defined ranking system that is deeply rooted in merit and active guild participation. Our officers are experienced and helpful, and encourage members to dive into leadership opportunities early on.

  • Assistance in PvP and PvE. We help our members in gearing up for PvP through guild battlegrounds and arenas, and we hope to put together a guild rated battleground team. We also run guild dungeons and heroics.

  • Strong ties to many lore-based Alliance guilds on the server, allowing us to partake in and create dynamic plot-lines with allies and protagonists in a living, breathing Azeroth.

  • 'Adventure' style events where we use rolls and raid warnings in a system similar to dungeons and dragons. PvE mechanics are also used from time to time. We attempt to bring in-depth attention to current events and conflict in the lore of World of Warcraft, be it fighting Twilight Cultists, assisting subjects of the kingdom with disaster relief, or hunting down monsters deemed a threat to the king's lands.

  • Elaborate, tactical RP-PvP action organized with Horde guilds that focuses on the RP aspect of conflict. Dynamic and believable plot driven role-play always comes first - an entire regiment of soldiers will not deploy across Azeroth without good reason.

What We Look ForEdit

  • A strong grasp of the English language in both spelling and grammar, and the ability to apply it via proper typing.
  • Willingness to participate in guild events regularly.
  • Willingness to learn and follow the guild's rules and expectations.
  • An appreciation and willingness to learn and follow established canon and guild lore.
  • Your character must be a human, dwarf or gnome, or a high elf using a human model to join as an enlisted soldier. All race/class combinations can be recruited as auxiliary ranks, with the exception that we only recruit human and dwarven death knights.
Recruitment poster

Joining <The First Regiment>Edit

To join the guild, you must complete an application on our guild website forums. Applications are usually approved within 24 hours of submitting them. If approved, your character will be brought in to swear an oath of service.

Guild website:

Guild general rules:

Instructions for completing an application:

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