The Ashguard


DuchyofKentillie Bronwynn Branson

Secondary Leadership

Master of War

Tertiary Leadership

Commander of the Ashen Arms
Commodore of the Eastern Ash


Kentillie, Duchy of Kentillie


DuchyofKentillie Duchy of Kentillie
Grand Alliance Icon Grand Alliance


Gilneas 15 Kingdom of Gilneas

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Notable Campaigns / Events

The Forsaken Intrusion

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The Ashguard, quite like Petra's Vision in structure, is the name of the combined forces of the land and naval units of The Ashen East: The Ashen Arms and The Eastern Ash. The Ashguard as a combined force serves as the eyes and ears of the Duchy of Kentillie, and protects the East with the might of the wolf and the sight of the white raven.

The Ashen Arms Edit

The Ashen Arms is the primary armed forces sect of The Ashen East. The Ashen Arms consists of the standing armed forces of the Duchy, calvalry units, and any militias from the individual holdings under the Duchy's rule. The Arms is unique in it's function, as it houses a sub division of the Kentillie Ranger Corps.

Kentillie Ranger Corps Edit

The Kentillie Ranger Corps is a subdivision of the Ashen Arms, and is the scouting sect of The Ashen East. Considered to be a well kept secret, the Ranger Corps serve often as the first line of sight for the rest of The Ashen East and are trained in the ideals of subtlety and precision.

The Eastern Ash Edit

The Eastern Ash is the Navy of the Duchy of Kentillie. Formed under the larger Gilnean Navy. Based within the port city of Kentillie, the Eastern Ash is a smaller navy that functions as the main blockade against any incoming naval threats, and utilizes alliances and contracting with certain... sea faring types, to further secure their holdings and expand their reaches. The Eastern Ash is unique in look as all the sails of the ships are grey in color; the flagship sporting the large wolfish symbol of the Duchy's armies on it's largest sail.