Lord Terraneth Withersteel
Marcus Ravenshield




Brill, Tirisfal Glades


Acherus the Ebon Hold


Chaotic Neutral


48 (Cannot age due to undeath)

Height & Weight

6'5 194 Lbs (Always wears armor)


Captain of the Acherus Skyguard, Deathlord of the Scourge (Formerly), Knight-Lord of Acherus


Alliance of Lordaeron (Formerly), The Scourge (Formerly), Order of the Ebon Blade, The Silver Hand, House of Ravenshield


Marcus Ravenshield II (Father/Deceased) Elexendra Sunstep (Mother/Deceased) Dilan Alexander Ravenshield II (Brother/Alive) Aellin Ravenshield (Sister/Deceased) Kayl Riverstride (Sister-in-Law/Deceased) Ella Ravenshield (Niece/Deceased) Osias Valenheart (Cousin/Alive)

For the page referring to Marcus in life, see Marcus Ravenshield III.

A paladin in life and a death knight shortly after, Marcus Withersteel experienced the same hells as his brother in regards to war but died tragically at the Battle of Crown Guard Tower near the end of the Third War.  Shortly after his death he was raised as a death knight, for years he carried out the Lich King's will and slew the living in the Scourge's name; freed only during the battle of Wrathgate and joining the Knights of the ebon blade shortly after. Marcus also founded the House of Withersteel after the Lich King's fall to serve the Ebon Blade and hunt down any who would dare threaten a death knight of Acherus. 

The Third WarEdit

It was not long after his death that Marcus awoke. 

Serving the Lich KingEdit

Freedom at the Wrathgate and Life ThereafterEdit

Companions of MarcusEdit

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