The heading of the Herald.

The Stormwind Herald  was a newspaper publication that ran its fist issue on March 15, 623 K.C. and its last on August 8, 623 K.C. Edited and managed by a Stormwind printer named Raeder Adlelaid, the newspaper was circulated for nearly six months and recieved wide acclaim as a highly respectable and fair publication.

During its six months of service the Stormwind Herald served as the primary and most respectable news publication within the whole of the Alliance and to this day maintains a legacy of accurate, well written, and ground-breaking reporting.

Although the paper's editor, Mr. Adlelaid, was generally thought to be the mastermind behind the paper's success, it would not be until the death of Lord Erich Gottfried Manstein that it was revealed that the highly controversial lord was the financial and political mastermind behind the highly influential publication.


The Stormwind Herald Issue One

The Stormwind Herald Issue Two

The Stormwind Herald Issue Three

The Stormwind Herald Issue Four

The Stormwind Herald Issue Five

The Stormwind Herald Issue Six

The Stormwind Herald Issue Seven

The Stormwind Herald Issue Eight

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