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The Stormwind City Watch is a group of law enforcers within Stormwind City who do their best to protect the citizens from the criminals and other never do wells who lurk in the shadows. Within the Watch are various different specialties, each with their own different jobs to help make the Watch run smoothly. 

The Watch in its current incarnation has been in operation since February, 620 K.C. In this time, it has been run by various Majors and Captains, including Majors Dugald Taggart-Galina, Xavier Morgan, and Marco DeDarma, and Captains Jorngen Wallace, Gracke Harbin, Renat Delhomme, Carl Koenen, Aliaes Lamente, Savil DeDarma, and Krulinn Norfallio.

Current Leadership

Currently, Xavier Morgan has returned from a long resignation to find The Stormwind City Watch at it's knee's. Many people had taken their leave from the Watch itself due to inactivity from within. It was then-Captain Xavier Morgan that stood up to the plate, seeking out new recruits for the Order. It was with his tenacity that he found new members worthy of uphold the same ideology that has been held by the Stormwind City Watch for many years.

His actions brought upon the revival of the Watch itself to act as a body of law enforcement within Stormwind.

City Watch Lineup

From left to right: former 1st Lieutenant Adrieth Revane, Major Xavier Morgan, former 1st Lieutenant Lee Adams


The Stormwind City Watch was founded under a charter from Highlord Bolvar Fordragon during the Fall of 29 L.C. by then Lieutenant Dugald Taggart-Gallina. In the early days of its inception, the Watch consisted of a handful of constables who were tasked with not dying while on duty, and making the best cup of coffee possible. This resulted in a lot of time being spent inside City Hall pretending to be busy, and the development of the first Watch Coffee Machine by Constable Fizzlepocket Rodriguez and Sergeant Jorngen Wallace. The first coffee machine was brutally destroyed during a bombing of City Hall, but its crumpled remnants are proudly displayed in the Watch trophy case.

Manpower and Budgeting Issues

During the early months of the Watch, the force experienced a shortage of manpower. The few constables in the Watch were poorly equipped due to a limited budget which was mostly spent on developing the coffee machine and on donuts. Because of the limited manpower and equipment, constables would bravely intervene in tavern brawls after giving the conscious brawlers ample time to escape, and arresting the unconscious ones. New lance constables were trained not to run very fast, because it was considered a bad idea to actually catch up to a criminal.

Office Sharing

The Stormwind City Watch shared City Hall with the Stormwind Free Clinic operated by the Draenei Doctor Leneel McCoy. Close interaction between the Watch and the Clinic led to a merger of both entities. Doctor Leneel formed the first specialized squad within the Watch - the Medic Squad.

WoWScrnShot 030615 012530

Stormwind City Hall

The Hero of Stormwind

Maldrin “Roboto” Davis had a meteoric rise in the ranks of the Watch. From lance constable all the way to lieutenant in a very short amount of time through hard work, perseverance, and careful use of propaganda. Maldrin’s achievements were many, and as an expert public relations officer, he knew how to play the media. After some of his exploits, the Gnews declared Maldrin “The Hero of Stormwind.” Maldrin became a member of the Stormwind Council, effectively outranking everyone in the Watch. The nickname “Roboto” was given to Maldrin after he was blown up to pieces during the Great Coffee Machine Catastrophe, which required much of his body to be replaced by Gnomish engineering artificial limbs and organs. As all heroes are want to do, Maldrin walked off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

The Fall and Rise

During the early moments of 624 K.C., the Stormwind City Watch lost many of it's members. Slowly but surely, the Watch broke down and became inactive. One day, a man by the name of Xavier Morgan was called in for an interview by the former Captain, Carl Koenen. After a short interview, he was rehired as the new Watch Captain. Through many weeks of hard work and recruitment, Xavier managed to call back many of the officers that has previously worked there, along with dozens of new L.C.s. Once the Watch had been rebuilt and was operating completely fine, Xavier handed the reigns over to Krulinn Norfallio. Xavier soon came back, and realized "that after you enter the watch, leaving is a pretty bad idea."

A New Era

Soon enough, Xavier Morgan felt the need to promote himself to Major and bring on a new Captain under him by the name of Bordae Stonebridge. The new team of Xavier and Bordae brought forth new policies to the watch, hiring new Lieutenants, redefining the squads, and structuring the Watch in a way that makes actual sense. With this newfound concept of "doing their jobs." The Watch has thrust itself into the role of one of the primary sources of defense for the citizens of Stormwind City.

A New Era Becomes An Old Era Beginning A New Future Old Era

Things eventually slowed, but never ground to a halt until one day while on patrol, Xavier fell into an unattended portal that somebody had left in Old Town. After several very interesting adventures that nobody really wants to read about involving a Pirate King and a traveling theatre troupe, Xavier made his way back to Stormwind to declare his return. He then kicked down the door to City Hall, having forgotten his key, which was promptly fixed by Captain Adrieth Revane.



The core is, literally, the core of the Watch, the Jacks of all trades who do a little bit of everything, but aren't specialized in much of anything.


The medic squad is, as the name suggests, primarily medics and others with medical inclinations, although whenever there is a psychologist or other similarly inclined individual within the Watch, they fall under this squad as well. The medics use whatever means they have at their disposal to keep the Watch and any innocents they encounter healthy and well. They also have the innate ability to probe -every- orifice. You have been warned.


The PWNT Squad, or Precise Weapons and Nefarious Tactics, consists of those who are the most dangerous, ostentatious and ambiguous group of super-spies the Watch has to offer. Having all been specially trained in the art of 'Butt-Kick-Fu', and supplied with a pluthra of gadgets, they are almost unstoppable. They are used when there's a job that needs to get done in a timely fashion.


The Detective Squad! The "classiest' of our squads. Armed with tuxedos, sunglasses and dashing good looks these men and women of maximum sex-appeal traipse through Stormwind solving crimes and surgically delivering one-liners. The Detectives rose to a golden age in keeping the City of Stormwind safe- And nearly came close to solving the recurring case of "WHAT SMELLY L.C STOLE MY DONUT?"  

Notable Watchmen - Past and Present


Major Xavier Morgan - Current Major of the Watch

Captain Adrieth Revane - Captain of the Watch

Lieutenant Cluck - A chicken


Dugald Taggart-Gallina - Longtime Captain/Major of the Watch

Jorngen Wallace - Commander of the Watch

Gracke Harbin - Interim Captain/Founder of PWNT

Carl Koenen - Captain

Sir Maldrin Davis - Influential (and infamous in some circles)  Member of the Watch/Head of the Detective Squad

Lee Adams - PWNT (Precision Weapons and Nefarious Tactics) Squad Leader

Elezear Roberts -  Chief *The Title is Smudged over* "Constable Beater" of Core

Jacquie Vincero - Longtime Lieutenant/Maldrin's successor as Head of Detective Squad

Marco DeDarma - Major of the Stormwind City Watch 

Xopir Stormbrew - Brief Self-Declared Captain Regent, Lieutenant, Best Dwarf

Aliaes Lamente  - Commander of the Stormwind City Watch

Aedelbrus - Chief Medical Officer

1st Lieutenant Haunte Tinkerzan - Leader of PWNT

1st Lieutenant Adrieth Revane - Head of Detective Squad

Bernhardt Sullavan - GEAR-head (Generalized Engineering and Restoration) and Lieutenant of the City Watch

Adjutant Aramysta - Paperwork Specialist

2nd Lieutenant Volke Southstrider - Chief Inspector 

Captain Bordae Stonebridge - Captain of the Watch 

Adjutant Savil DeDarma - Adjutant and Former CMO (Chief Medical Officer)

Adjutant Savil DeDarma - Adjutant and Former CMO (Chief Medical Officer)

Lieutenant Alexis Vlake - Chief Training Officer

Sergeant Jack Landry - CMO and Medic Squad Leader

Lieutenant Jean Luxford - Leader of PWNT

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