The past ruins of Stonewatch, seat of the Duchy

Stonewatch Keep is the common name of the castle in central Redridge Mountains that is the seat of power of the Duchy of Stonewatch. It includes both the easily defensible and the armored Stonewatch Tower. The entirety of Stonewatch had fallen into the hands of the Blackrock Clan under the leadership of their warchief Gath'Ilzogg, and his chief lieutenant, Tharil'zun. Recently, however, the orcs were driven from the keep and the fortress is under reconstruction by the House of Isenhammer. The construction is set to continue under the vigilance of Lord Baldrec Ashcroft and Lady Tamora Ashcroft as agreed in the charter passing on the ownership of the Duchy. With the new ruler already in place, the Keep's reconstruction is the number one priority as it is to host a large celebration for the end of the war when it comes.

The Seventh RegimentEdit

The keep is also home to the 7th Regiment of the Redridge Brigade. A unit that serves as a part of the Stormwind Army. The Regiment is under the command of the Duke of Stonewatch, as no new commander has been appointed to lead the Regiment.


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