Site Write Challenge

June 2012

Subject; Sleepless.

She'd been watching the stars roam the sky over Haven for a few hours now. She listened the owls hoot in the trees, smelled the sweet mountain air dance with the salty breeze of the sea, and felt the warmth of Gruph as he slept beside her, using his hippogryph as a pillow, but these lulls of the midnight moon still could not help her sleep.

Salley was slowly losing her mind.

It had been overwhelming enough to watch the Taint try to take over her lover in his grief, or to see her sister suffer from a plague long grown in her soul. But it had reached it pique. Salley was losing it.

It was when she killed Tarce (granted, the warlock didn't seem to want to stay dead), when she lost her objective on her last mission, aiming to kill a bandit rather than save her companion, Julia. It was also when she punched Sir Stromheart; despite his interruptions between her and Wolfkrone, she was fond enough of the man to not want to harm him in any sane light.

And then there was that potion that granted her the flood of memories of her past she had usually been able to turn a blind eye to.

Yes, Salley was starting to unravel, memories of losing her friends continued to play before her over and over until she couldn't even see the stars twinkling overhead.

She was going to have to tell them soon, of what she'd done, she thought as she turned to lay her head on the dwarf's chest. Perhaps then she might be able to sleep.

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