Site Write Challenge

June 2012

Responded by Helia Brightwinter, Highborne.

Subject; Marriage

Helia Redfountain wasn't one for vast amount of petty emotions. He was always controlled and easy mannered, quietly working in the backgrounds of his Lord of the century until they were corrupted, died, or lost their power.

But sometimes, even old beings like himself and those of the Highborne felt the flutter of love and devotion rise. Especially with the city of Eldre'Thalas falling, what better time to get on one knee and offer the last years of your life to another.

What made his proposal difficult was a mild jumble of factors; he was a butler, and they are married to their work. He was in love with another Lord's servant, where on earth would the two join if their benefactors had a financial falling out? Warring lords was never an easy matter when tensions were already high.

And they were both men, adding the last ounce of taboo to the mix of impossible love.

However, Helia was determined to marry his love in secret. He spent what little free time of his busy schedule to plot out the perfect secret wedding. But things are not so simple in the world of the Highborne.

Helia came to the meeting place where he met the one to marry them, but not his groom. It wasn't until hours later that he heard of the newest wave of sacrifices.

Helia returned to his stoic, perfected work the next evening to bow to his Lord and make sure all the silver was polished. The servants were pushed extra hard that day, and every day thereafter. There was no room for love for a butler when there was work to be done.

There was no room for vast amounts of emotions, not even a broken heart.

Although one might wonder, why years later, the man chose to change his surname.

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