Silver Cross Medical Society (SCMS)

The Silver Cross Medical Society (SCMS), founded by Dr. Feleina Naylor-Durthan is an in-house research and training facility of Doctors, Holistic Light Healers, Apothecaries and medics, as well as a mercy mission of First Responders to react to the medical needs of the world at large.  The research component reflected Dr. Durthan's interest in Worgen Studies, Plague research, rehabilitation after amputation, and other fields of research.

It is currently overseen by the Order of the Silver Hand Diocese.


The SCMS was founded and overseen by Dr. Feleina Naylor-Furthan, past Chief Medical Director of the St. Bridenbrad Medical Clinic.  After leaving the Clergy, Dr. Durthan's passion for medicine and research led her to found the SCMS in order to foster greater strides in medicine, providing a haven for all who desire to heal, to come and learn from the best in their respective fields.

Dr. Durthan's vision was that the SCMS would not compete with other existing medical associations, but rather compliment them and work alongside of them. 

The very nature of their Plague Research and development of cures, put them in direct conflict with the work of the Royal Apothecary Society.

Dr. Durthan retired from the Medical Society when she and her husband became pregnant with twins, and she died shortly after their birth.

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