Sileyna Morningrey-Sunstrike
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Magistrix (Formally)


New Horde
The Dawnfury Concordant (Formally)
Kingdom of Quel'thalas




Seratai Sunstrike (adopted sister, deceased)
Moranai Sunstrike (adopted sister)
Seylena Sunstrike (adopted sister)
Gaytheil Sunstrike (adopted sister)



Sileyna has long snow white hair that is well kept on a daily basis.  Similar to her Sunstrike sisters, she has red pouty lips and porcelain skin.  She has no noticable scars that would be seen by the public eye.  Her nails are always manicured and painted red to represent the Sin'dorei people.  She wears two large golden hoop earrings in her ears most of the time.


Growing up, Sileyna was a proud Magistrix who held her head up high as she walked through Quel'thalas or it's surrounding Kingdoms.  Always keeping up with the lastest fashion, she still kept her nose in the affiris of her Elven comrades.  She was consistantly called self-rigehtous and many other questionable names.

After her incident that caused her loss of memory for a breif period of time, she became rather quiet and reserved, hiding in the shadows.  Because she could no longer tap into her arcane abilities for unknown reasons, she managed to quickly learn how to stealth and dissappear into the shadows.  Relearning from Gaytheil, she had become an observer, questioning and always looking out for her newfound family.

Recently, Sileyna was given back her memory by her husband Daltharion, Sile has struggled to regain who she was along with who she had become over the last few years.  She is tempermental still and has a problem accepting orders from any person above her in authority.  Though when she isn't irritable from her confusion, she is sweet and enjoys others companies.

Life of the MagistrixEdit

Early On Sileyna grew up the youngest of eight children.  She was treated like a queen by her parents and often got what she wanted.  Sile adapated a taste for mateialis such as jewelry and stones that would show off her 'royalty'.  Her attitude wasn't much better.  Consistantly stubborn and, as some would describe, self-righteous, Sileyna belittled anyone who stood against her.

Second WarEdit

Her arrogant attitude caused this materialistc Magistrix to sit back and watch from afar as the war raged.  The moment it hit Quel'Thalas, she took very little action.  She did, after being pushed, leave the comfort of her home to join her fellow Quel'dorei kin in defending against the Horde.  Despite her magical abilities, however, most of her time was spent helping the regrowth of the lost land.

Third WarEdit

She cared little for the fact that her family passed on, all except her husband, of course.  However, the Magistrix's only real part in the Third War was standing beside Sylvanas against the Scourage before she fell.

Fued between Morningrey and SunstrikeEdit

There was no real reason for the fued between the two houses, other than the difference of opinions.  Sileyna was the 'poster child' for the Morningrey House and they were well known for a materlistic noble family of Magisters.  Like the Sunstrike House, they dated back to the origins of Quel'Thalas.  Also much like the Sunstrike House, they provided skilled warriors.  The Mornigrey House provided very skilled Magisters.


The Dawnfury Concordant Needing a way to fit herself back into Sin'dorei society, Sileyna found Alorinis Bloodarrow seeking to join his regiment.  She currently is a Primeir in TDC.

Seigneur du FeuEdit

Seigneur du Feu, Seig for short, is Sileyna's ever loyal Hawkstrider.  This glorious creature is well groomed on a daily basis, his feathers extra soft and his beak shined.  While together, the Hawkstrider can be seen mocking Sileyna in every possible way.