Shengzhi Khang, Tushui Commander
Shengzhi Khang


Tushui Commander

Date of Birth

590 K.C.


Khang Clan
Paw'don Village
Grand Alliance



Immediate Relatives

Sunke Khang (father)
Elia Khang (mother)

Shengzhi Khang was the Commander of the Tushui Vanguard within the First Regiment of the Elwynn Brigade, one of the most prestigous units in the Stormwind Army. He was formerly the Paw'don Ambassador to the Grand Alliance when the Horde and Alliance made landfall in Pandaria. Shengzhi was an adviser of Lord Maxen Montclair, the Duke of Westridge. He went missing in action some time after the regiment's Conquest of the Jade Forest.


Shengzhi is as intimidating as pandaren come, larger than the typical pandaren.

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