The Seventh Regiment
Stormwind Army

Coat of Arms

(Writing in Progress.)

Current Head

Baldrec Ashcroft




Kingdom of Stormwind
Stormwind Army
Duchy of Stonewatch
House of Ashcroft


Stonewatch Keep



The Seventh Regiment of the Redridge Brigade is a military Regiment of the Stormwind Army. They are primarily involved in the defence of Redridge from the invading Blackrock Orcs from the Burning Steppes. The Seventh Regiment is currently under control of the House of Ashcroft, who rule the Duchy of Stonewatch. The current commander of the Seventh Regiment is Lord Baldrec Ashcroft.

Stonewatch ArmsmenEdit

The Stonewatch Armsmen count over seven hundred strong. These Soldiers and Knights swore fealty to House of Ashcroft and to the Kingdom of Stormwind. Only three hundred on the entire corps are currently active in times of peace, the other four hundred are on reserve, should the time arise for them to take up arms.
HI Soldier

A standard Footman of the Stonewatch Armsmen

Day to day, one third of the active serving three hundred Armsmen serve as Guards of the Duchy of Stonewatch, patrolling and safeguarding it.

They make up for quite the contribution toward the Stormwind Army and the Redridge Brigade.

The soldiers wear standard coats of mail, bearing the blue and gold of House of Ashcroft. Most of them bear shields and wield flails or swords to pair with the shield emblazone with the Ashcroft Crest.

HI Knight

A Knight of the Ridge, part of the Stonewatch Armsmen

The Knight's, called 'Knights of the Ridge' mount on armored Mountain Horse back. They wear heavy gold and white plate with matching shoulders and a cavalry helm. They bear the crest of House Rolhelm and can be seen patrolling the lands with flagged spears, bearing the colors of their Liege Lord, or just as often, a broadsword and shield emblazone with the Ashcroft Crest.

Times of WarEdit

During times of War, the entirety of the seven hundred Knights and Soldiers ride out along with the Stormwind Army to serve their King. Often times, their Lord joins them and takes part in leading them personally into battle.

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