The 7th Legion
7th Legion

Main leader

Halford Wyrmbane

Secondary Leaders

Leoric Von Zeldig
Lynore Windstryke
August Foehammer


High Elf
Night Elf

Base of operations

Wintergarde Keep
The Skybreaker

Theater of Operations

Isle of Conquest
Krasarang Wilds
Broken Isles



The Seventh Legion is an elite special operations regiment composed of Alliance veterans. The regiment is currently led by High Commander Halford Wyrmbane and is based out of Wintergarde Keep in Dragonblight. The Skybreaker gunship serves as its mobile base of operations and the 7th Legion fleet is operating throughout the globe, focusing on the regions of the Broken Isles after the third Burning Legion invasion of Azeroth.

Areas of Deployment Edit

The Seventh Legion, being a specialized force of the Grand Alliance military deploys to all corners of Azeroth where needed. Past engagements have seen it being deployed to:

Known Units Edit

Known Members Edit

References Edit

Adapted from Wowpedia for fair use.

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