The Scarlet Monastery
"Have faith, brothers and sisters, for as our enemies are set upon us, on the steps of this holy temple, we shall reap the greatest of glories as we slaughter the wicked for the Light to witness."


Place of worship/Military enclave

Leaders (Former)

Rigicon Ostrick the Zealous
Migicon Mara Ardentlocke

Current Affiliation

AlliancefactionIconnew Grand Alliance

Former Affiliations

Scarletnewfire Scarlet Crusade
TruthfulIcon2 Army of the Truthful


Tirisfal Glades



The Scarlet Monastery was the spiritual capital for the Kingdom of the Light, and was the last bastion for the Scarlet Crusade within Tirisfal, if not Lordaeron as a whole.

It housed the seat of power for the Army of the Truthful's clerical and inquisitorial orders, and was guarded by a sect of veteran crusaders known as the Knights of Dathrohan.

During the recent Siege of Tirisfal, a bulk of the Truthful and Scarlet aligned crusaders evacuated the monastery and neighboring outposts. The Alliance's coalition eventually took control of the grounds and neighboring territory, overwhelming any remaining insurgents, either slaying or imprisoning them.

History Edit

The Tirisfal Monastery used to house peaceful men and women of faith before the events of the Third War, where it was then transformed into a militaristic enclave to wage war against the undead. The once hallowed halls became a stronghold for the fanatical Scarlet Crusade, and has since served as the seat of its power.

Years passed, and the Monastery was besieged many times by many different foes; the Forsaken, the Horde, the Alliance, and even an insurrection lead by rebel crusader Joseph the Insane. Most efforts to take the monastery failed, however, as the powerful High Inquisitor Whitemane refused to let her ranks die. Leadership was thrust upon one crusader to the next, but as Whitemane eventually fell to a decisive assault on the Crusader's Chapel, the already waning Scarlet Crusade would crumble even more.

Before the arrival of the Burning Legion, the Truthful along with the more fanatical echelons under the wing of Commander Goodchilde kept the encroaching Forsaken at bay as they reinforced the monastery. They held fast within its walls, but their ranks were eventually overcome by a decisive strike by the Ebon Blade, leaving the crusaders' strength severely crippled.


Tenuous Reclaimation Edit

After rallying newly bolstered ranks, the Truthful stormed the monastery's halls to route out the undead stragglers. After a taxing effort spanning months, the crusaders purged their grounds by scorching their cemetery, eventually claiming victory over the forces of Calder Blighthallow.

Campaign details: A Martyr's Glory

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