Sandaria Claurice was the reigning Duchess of Westridge when the Dark Portal opened. Hailing originally from the noble House of Claurice in the Redridge Mountains, Lady Sandaria was brought up in the typical ways of estate keeping and worship of the Holy Light.

Said to be of the most beautiful in the Stormwind House of Nobles, she was married at a young age to Lord Albert Montclair. It was soon thereafter that she bore Maxen Montclair as a son.

Lady Sandaria cherished Maxen greatly and gave him her all in attention, affection and nurturing. She took great lengths to try and dampen the harsh martial teachings of Lord Albert and Sir Robert Rolhelm, and often prevented Maxen from harsher beatings than he was slated to receive for failing to perform to expectation. Maxen came to dearly love his mother in the way that he respected his father.

In the last days of the First War, tragedy befell upon the House of Montclair as Lord Albert was slain in defense of Goldshire and Maxen was handed the chalice of Duke in a ceremony tainted with blood. Despite Lord Maxen's efforts to defend Westridge from the Orcish Horde, the orcs circumvented his defense and entered Westridge Keep from behind.

It was not until too late that Maxen and his armsmen and knights withdrew into the keep and found the orcs ransacking it, and it was shortly after that he himself witnessed orcs brutally attacking Lady Sandaria in the lord's bedchambers. Not a day after Lord Albert's untimely death did Lady Sandaria pass away in Maxen's arms, leaving him as the sole survivor of the House of Montclair.