Stormwind Intelligence
Division Seven
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Outside SI:7 Headquarters in Stormwind City

Primary Leader(s)


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Stormwind
Stormwind Intelligence

Primary Role(s)

Intelligence gathering and assessment; special operations

Primary Headquarters

SI:7 Headquarters



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SI:7 (aka Stormwind Intelligence Division Seven) is a covert Alliance organization based in Stormwind City. However, even though they are based in Stormwind they are primarily tasked with field operations. It is common to see officers and higher ranked operatives in SI:7, but common ranked members are rarely sighted unless they have ceased their active service in the field.

The members of SI:7 specialize in special operations, espionage, assassination and stealth tactics. After being well trained and classified in the organization under a specialization, a member is usually deployed to the current conflict- be faction or otherwise.

Leadership Edit

Upper Echelons Edit

The organization is currently run by Master Mathias Shaw, a spymaster of the Alliance.

Shaw's second-in-command is the Goblin operative named Renzik, commonly referred to as 'The Shiv'.

Senior Agents Edit

The SI:7 is composed of a structure of seniority with agents below Shaw and Renzik whom greatly assist in the operation and leadership of the organization despite not being specifically public in regards to their status within SI:7. Below are many of which:

  • Field Marshal Vincent Ravenwing is currently the Head Tactician of SI:7, and a public officer. He has been approved to bring members into SI:7 in the presence of Mathias Shaw, approve of deployments and missions, and make general approvals and decisions for SI:7, such as showing support for an organization or moving agents outside the city. His designation is 003.
  • Agent Andorizian Nightgale is usually regarded as Field Marshal Ravenwing's second-in-command. Agent Nightgale currently serves as the Head of Operations of SI:7. His designation is 003.
  • Commander Damian Blackbourne is a senior agent of SI:7. He often serves as the Officer on Duty (OoD) in the tower of the building when he is present. The Commander's role is primarily handling post mission debriefs, sending agents to roles inside and outside the city, finances, as well as taking the roll as a strike team leader when deployed. His designation is 005.
  • Commander Jackson Amadatha is a senior operative, handling many SI:7 agents and operations; additionally, he directly commands the agents who work under the first regiment of the prestigious 7th Legion. His designation is 014.
  • Commander Alexander Marogos is a senior SI:7 operative and works in operations as well as handling agents. Agent Marogos is known for his nickname of 'Talon', a nickname many of his comrades refer to him as. His designation is 004.

Other Notable Agents Edit

  • Agent Owynn Graddock is a dwarf that was handpicked by Mathias Shaw, prior to the cataclysm, to lead a strike team into Ironforge to liberate the city by assassinating Moria Thaurissan. The mission's events are unknown, but the result left Moria alive.
  • Agent Amber Kearnen was a human that has served as a ground operative in the areas of Westfall, Jade Forest, the Siege of Orgrimmar, Draenor, and the Broken Isles. She was known for her excellent marksmanship and leadership skills, and has commonly interacted with adventurers in their travels. However, after Master Shaw's abduction proceeding a preliminary scouting mission on the Broken Isles and subsequent imitation by a dreadlord, the dreadlord, disguised as Mathias, ordered a pirate organization to assassinate her.

Various other members of SI:7 are kept off public record, stay in hiding, or are currently deployed. The members above are approved to be "public" officers and leaders of SI:7, though this does not mean they are all necessarily well-known to the general public.

Known Cells Edit

Current Edit

Westridge Cell Edit

  • Leader: Spymaster Codename 'Keeper'
  • Status: Active

The Westridge Cell of SI:7 is the group of Agents under Spymaster designation 'Keeper', these Agents hail from the First Regiment of the Elwynn Brigade under Lord-Marshal Maxen Montclair.

Stormblade Detachment Edit

The Stormblade Detachment of SI:7 is a group of operatives underneath the Alliance Regiment known as The Stormblade Regiment. Operatives are sworn to secrecy and only high-ranking officers and those within SI:7 know whom they are; from the outside, they are soldiers of the regiment.

Former Edit

Division Eighty Four Edit

Division Eighty Four was a Division of SI:7 known to conduct an amount of operations directly behind Enemy lines; lead by Agent Steelbreaker. They reportedly ended up disbanding at some point.

Section C Edit

  • Leader: Director Ramon Elrid
  • Status: Inactive; status unknown

Section C, commonly known as "Section C: Blackblood" under SI:7 is a Section of SI:7 whom have conducted numerous covert operations. They are lead by Director Ramon Elrid; though they haven't reportedly had any activity, and have since been considered inactive.