Robert Rolhelm

A bust of Sir Robert Rolhelm in Westridge Keep.

Sir Robert Rolhelm was a knight of Westridge in service to the House of Montclair before the outbreak of the Orcish Wars. Maxen Montclair was given to him to train as his squire, and so Sir Robert did through draconian disciplining and punishment. It was under Sir Robert that Maxen was eventually knighted in the Brotherhood of the Horse. For his loyalty, Sir Rolhelm was named Lord's Hand of Westridge by the then-reigning Duke Albert Montclair.

At the onset of the First War, Sir Robert rode alongside Lord Albert Montclair against the Orcish Horde. After winning several small victories, however, Sir Robert was unable to prevent Lord Albert from being slain during the siege of Goldshire. He escorted Maxen Montclair to Westridge Keep and was present during Maxen's somber coronation ceremony to Duke of Westridge.

When the orcs finally laid siege to Westridge in the latter weeks of the First War, Sir Robert fought alongside Lord Maxen on the front lines. When Lady Sandaria Montclair was slain by the orcs in her bedchamber during the siege of Westridge Keep, Sir Robert convinced Lord Maxen to retreat and join in the mass exodus from Stormwind with Highlord Anduin Lothar.

Serving Lord Maxen until the end, Sir Robert was slain during a skirmish in the mid-months of the Second War.