Robert Montclair
Heir of Westridge


Heir of Westridge

Date of Birth

1 December 33 LB


House of Montclair
Duchy of Westridge



Immediate Relatives

Maxen Montclair (Father - alive)
Mairaed O'Callaghan (Mother - alive)


On 1 December, 33 LC, Mairaed O'Callaghan gave birth to a healthy, blonde-haired little boy. Named after Sir Robert Rolhelm, Maxen Montclair's knight and mentor, Robert Montclair came into the world to the great joy of both his parents.


Robert is the pride and joy of his mother - She dotes on him constantly, but at the same time she must also provide structure and discipline that will prepare him to follow in his father's footsteps down the road.

As soon as he started to walk and talk, it became clear that he held his mother's spirit and his father's looks. Oftentimes he brings chuckles and head shaking from the staff of House Montclair with his antics - while at the same time amazing them with his astute observation of the world around him.

Being the child of a prominent Duke has it's disadvantages - Robert is often the target of unsavory attentions. Mairaed does her best to explain such to him, which is especially difficult when the headstrong boy wants to go outside to play and must be kept under guarded care.

Upon learning of his mother's demise at the hand of the cult ( Robert was left in the care of the House staff when Maxen was away. They endeavored to care for him as the Duke saw fit, but Robert did not understand death and was raucous in his demands for his mother. The boy would throw tantrums that would threaten to shake the tapestries from the walls of the Keep when Maxen left him.

When Mairaed returned to Westridge, the reunion was... challenging. Robert understands that she was gone, but does not yet understand that it wasn't of her own choosing. At a challenging stage in his life, he is seeking to understand the world and his role in it.

He has begun to train with a blade and a bow - Though he refuses to use the bow his mother crafted and his father strung.