Rivergrove is a beautiful 4,000 acre estate in the countryside of Westbank, Duskwood. Named for the grove of trees nestled beside the nearby river that runs along the estate, the house itself was built more than four centuries ago by the 3rd Earl of Blackwood. It is one of the few homes of that era still held by the house of Blackfyre that has not fallen into disrepair. After the death of David Blackfyre, the 8th Earl of Blackwood, Rivergrove and the rest of the Blackfyre holdings passed to his nephew.

Like many estates of its kind, Rivergrove is entirely self sufficient. The estate boasts a hunting lodge, a vineyard, an orchard, several rental cottages, a tavern, a stable and a blacksmith. The main house has a staff consisting of one Butler, one Housekeeper, and one Cook. The estate had its own game warden until he was slain by feral worgen while traveling through Duskwood in 617 K.C.