Sir Regg Corinthal










The Valiant
Baron of Kirkwood
Captain of the Noble Guard


Church of the Holy Light
Noble Guard
Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Stormwind



Regg Corinthal is a Westfall native and a Knight of the Silver Hand, as well as a veteran of the Stormwind Army. He is both regarded and reviled amongst the holy community, namely for his outspoken defiance and opposition to many of the Church of the Holy Light's stances and proclomations.

In recent months he rose to be one of the leaders of the Grey Haven but has recently departed. He served the League of Lordaeron as an auxilary for sometime before forming the Brotherhood of Silver. Following the brotherhood's collapse, he joined under the then Archbishop Caspius as captain of his Noble Guard, which is the position he currently serves.

Appearance Edit

A Westfall native, Regg's skin is tanned from countless days beneath the sun and coarse from exposure to the elements and hard labor. He stands tall at six-foot three, broad of shoulder and thick of neck, scarred from dozens of wounds sustained in battle. His face is unlike the untested "knights" who prance around at tourneys or spend their days kneeling in front of an altar; where theirs are soft and unscarred, Regg's is rough and rugged, bearing even more scars and slight wrinkles that showed he'd fought battle after battle. His hair was brown, kept short by habit as was his beard. While his simple upbringing and past decisions may have some call him an oath, his hazal eyes display an acute awareness of his surroundings, ever vigilant for a threat. Overall, the grizzled paladin is a fierce sight, made even more fierce in the armor that covered his body, and the sword that hangs by his side.


Baron of Kirkwood
Preceded by
Caspius Eustasius Greenleaf
Regg Corinthal Succeeded by

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