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A short summary as to what Ravenwing is, goes as follows: a rag tag militia of military professionals and civilians alike. Together this band of undead toils without tire to insure the safety of their home lands. As Forsaken troops push onward, and fresh conflict arises, there are holes left in the safety nets of the lines of defense. The members of Ravenwing defend those holes. Their members can be seen actively patrolling, and fighting on various fronts to protect the interests of the Dark Lady. As a militia, they are beyond the normal restraints of a standard military conflict and thus are a fluid unit.

Guild Structure & RanksEdit

  • Rangers - These are the rank and file soldiers of Ravenwing. Coming from both military and civilian backgrounds they are commanded by the Field Commander and defend the homeland from Reclaimist and Scourge alike.
  • Vanguard - Comprised of Deathknights and other auxiliary elements which includes the likes of Deathstalkers. This small elite task force takes to the front of any battle and commonly engages in combat with the Alliance. Many also double as intelligence and assassins.
  • Occultus - The Forsaken are created from a dark and powerful magic. These dark magicians seek to understand and implement this magic. They proudly wield their powers with deadly finesse. This group is commonly made up of Warlocks and Shadow Priests.

Photo GalleryEdit

A screenshot gallery related to Ravenwing. Many screenshots are of the guild at events, or during private events.

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