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Ravenholdt Manor was once the seat of power for the faction simply known as Ravenholdt, a band of assassins and thieves with considerable prowess in their calling who worked to oust the Syndicate from the Hillsbrad Foothills. The owner of this manor is Lord Jorarch Ravenholdt.

The Manor itself is hidden away behind a cave atop a plateau within the depths of the Alterac Mountains, just northwest of Durnholde Keep.

The manor was the site of the hatching of the black dragon Wrathion, whom used the area as a base of operations during the assault on Deathwing after the Sundering of Azeroth perpetrated by the Aspect of Death. With the assistance of a champion, Wrathion was able to uncover that a grand master rogue of Ravenholdt, Fahrad, was a black dragon in disguise. He was soon killed, and the Manor was razed.