Dominion of Quel'Anaris
Present Day Map of Quel'Anaris, excluding Arcadia.


-5742 E.C.


Hereditary Monarchy
IconSmall High Elf Female Telriah Embershield II


Quel'Anaris House of Nobles & Commons


East Lowes


Total: 164,450
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Human Female 55,000
IconSmall Blood Elf MaleIconSmall Blood Elf Female 10,500
IconSmall High Elf MaleIconSmall High Elf Female 4,300
IconSmall HalfElf FemaleIconSmall HalfElf Male 9,300
IconSmall Dwarf MaleIconSmall Dwarf Female 4,200
IconSmall Gnome MaleIconSmall Gnome Female 1,500
IconSmall Worgen MaleIconSmall Worgen Female 6,000
IconSmall Troll MaleIconSmall Troll Female 3,000
IconSmall Orc MaleIconSmall Orc Female 4,550
IconSmall Undead MaleIconSmall Undead Female 1,600
IconSmall Tauren MaleIconSmall Tauren Female 5,000
IconSmall NightElf Male-0IconSmall NightElf Female-1 7,000
IconSmall Pandaren MaleIconSmall Pandaren Female 3,000
IconSmall Gnoll 16,500
IconSmall Kobold 20,000
IconSmall Murloc 13,000

Major Settlements

Military Bases


  • Goldcoin Gold Autarchs
  • Silver Silver Barons
  • Copper Copper Baronets

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Notable Events

War for Quel'Anaris · Invasion of Quel'Anaris · Rise of Embershield · Call of Amastril · Reign of Embershield · Arcadian Nights · Fang of the North

Notable People

Arzalen Embershield · Lothin Embershield · Telriah Embershield · Neo Starstrider · Eridan Silverwood · Ailos Lightsworn · Kamarill Howard · Teldranas Embershield · Malash Embershield ·


Queldrastor · Queen's Blade · Warden of Peace · Warden of Justice · Warden of War · Warden of Coin · Lord-Protectors

See also, Kingdom of Quel'Thalas

The Dominion of Quel'Anaris, also known under the names of the Sovereignty of the Northern United Baronies and the Commonwealth of the Northern States of the Eastern Kingdoms, is a mass of land to the North of Lordaeron, and directly South of Eversong Woods. Formally referred to as the 'Protectorate', or the 'Dominion', Quel'Anaris is ruled over by Queen Telriah Embershield the Second, and aided by the Inner Council of Wardens and the Lord-Protector.

History Edit

Pre-Embershield Era Edit

Before there was Embershield, there was Lightsworn. Tyranny ruled, and militarism was the standard.

-5800 EC through -4,700 EC

Rise of Embershield Era Edit

Where his legacy began, where the Embershields were founded, and made their mark on the world.

-4,700 EC through -4,000 EC

Old Protectorate Era Edit

The formation of a great province, marked with harmony and prosperity.

-4,000 EC through -300 EC

Age of Strife Era Edit

From whence she came, Lightsworns taint was felt, and Embershield fought one another.

-300 EC through 24 EC

Unification Era Edit

The savior, the unifier, Telriah Embershield, had returned and taken the Lords by force. She has united all.

24 EC through 29 EC

New Protectorate Era Edit

Unified against the Legion of the Damned, the Burning Legion, and the Naga, Embershield rises once more.

30 EC through Present Time

Outgoing Criminal Warrants Edit

The Criminal Justice system within Quel'Anaris has not failed as of yet, as it is under the pretense of "Innocent until proven guilty', and each court case has a two month period of investigation into crimes that are major, such as murder, large-scale robbery, arson, destruction of property, slaughter, summoning demons bigger than Felguards, and misuse of the dark magical arts.

Danath Morsin Edit

Danath Morsin is a wanted criminal of varying degree within the Protectorate, due to the listed crimes below.

Charges Edit

  • Destruction of Baron's Landing, razed to the ground.
  • Slaughter of several adult citizens of the realm.
  • Orphaning of several children of the realm.
  • Committing a war crime whilst under the banner of the Alliance.
  • Denying said allegations when presented with evidence.

Furthermore, due to The Citrine Eagle harboring Danath, anyone of the organization of the Eagles, or of organizations related to it through affiliation, are barred from entry to Quel'Anaris, due to the harboring of a known war criminal, and the refusal to give him up to the Justice System of the Protectorate

Punishments Edit

  • Public Execution
  • Imprisonment (Life sentence)
  • Heavy reparations

Elbert van Doomray Edit

The gnome known as Elbert van Doomray is wanted for a myriad of crimes that involve the attempted murder of atleast four people, a full scale rebellion, and destruction of property. These crimes have seen him stripped fully of rank, titles and land, with Elbert's Camp being used as a supply point for garrison troops outside of East Lowes.

Charges Edit

  • Attempted murder of then-General Eridan Silverwood.
  • Attempted murder of Grand Autarch Telriah Embershield
  • Attempted murder of Phoenix Guard James Buckinsworn
  • Conspiring to rebel against the Noble House of Embershield
  • Lead a full scale rebellion against the Throne of Quel'Anaris

It should be noted, in addition, in light of his attempted Rebellion, many of his other crimes which were previously hidden due to his involvement with the officer core of the Protectorate military came to light, including:

  • Forgery
  • Petty theft
  • Reckless endangerment of civilians
  • Theft
  • Theft of plague materials
  • Smuggling of plague materials
  • Stock piling of plague materials
  • Disobedience to senior officers
  • Disrespect to senior officers
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Unlawful necromancy
  • Impersonation of an official diplomatic entity
  • Manslaughter
  • Homicide

Punishments Edit

  • Execution [Rescinded in light of lack of evidence]
  • Exile

Government Edit

Ruled over primarily by the Grand Autarch, a traditional term utilized since the founding of Quel'Anaris by Lord Arzalen Embershield, the Protectorate has a well established government, known as the "House of Nobles & Commons", which holds sessions every first and third Tuesday of each month. By tradition, each session is followed by a banquet. Normally, sessions will set into place new laws, configure current laws, or veto movements.

Noble Ranks of Quel'Anaris Edit

Ranks that the Nobles adhere to are listed below:

  • Queldrastor: The hereditary monarch of Quel'Anaris and the Protectorate. Generally known to humans and other races outside of Quel'Anaris as a King or Queen. Referred to as Grand Autarch, Queen/King, High Lady/Lord or Queldrastor.
  • Prince/Princess: The children of the current Queldrastor, adopted or otherwise. A Prince or Princess is known to have certain powers, but also certain responsibilities. For instance, one may archive and write more on the history of House Embershield, or other vassal houses, or serve as an officer in the military or other branches of armed forces. However, the named heir is not just a prince or princess, but rather the Crown Prince or Princess. Referred to as Prince/Princess or Crown Prince/Princess
  • Earilon: A hereditary rank within the Protectorate, assigned to those who have proven worthy, and are Knights of the Realm. Those assigned this position are given Lordship over a Sectors. Generally, this is three Regions, including the Sectorss keep or castle, and presiding villages, hamlets and military garrisons. Referred to as Earilon, High Autarch or Duke/Duchess.
  • Castanor: The second-to-lowest hereditary rank within the Protectorate, assigned to Knights of the Realm who've proven themselves capable of a leadership position. A Castanor is given Lordship over a Region, which comprises a keep or castle, and presiding villages, hamlets and military garrisons within the Sector. Referred to as Autarch, Castanor or Count/Countess.
  • Ashtalnor: The lowest hereditary rank within the Protectorate, an Ashtalnor is given Lordship over a variety of places; A military garrison, tower, three or more villages, a hamlet or township. To be assigned as an Ashtalnor, one must be a Knight of the Realm, or Knighted as such. The name Ashtalnor translates in the common tongue to "Lowest Leader". Referred to as Ashtalnor or Baron/Baroness.

Lands of Quel'Anaris Edit

Duchy of Wendil Edit

Known as the Northern Sector of Quel'Anaris, the Duchy of Wendil is composed of the Eastern Expanse, and Altamont, both very strategic counties of Quel'Anaris, due to one being on the only beach that is possible to land the right siege equipment, and the other containing the wall that stands between the wasteland of the North and Quel'Venoraal. As such, it is ideally under the control of a more senior noble lord, rather than someone who had just been granted the title of Lord or Lady.

Duchy of Ferindal Edit

Duchy of Arcadia Edit

Embershield Calendar Edit

Known as the Ember Calendar, or Talnu Sandrel in Talnu'Darsi, the Embershield Calendar runs concurrently alongside the standard Azerothian Common Calendar, which starts at Year 0 with the Dark Portal opening, and all prior events to it being relegated as negative years, and those after Year 0 being positive years. As an example, the War of the Ancients happened in Year -6,000, whilst the Fall of Quel'Thalas happened in Year 12.

Additionally, there are twelve named months that differ in naming to the standard Calendar

Month of Embers - January

Month of Rangers - February

Month of Roses - March

Month of Spring - April

Month of Kelendri - May

Month of Unification - June

Month of Rain - July

Month of Strife - August

Month of Autumn - September

Month of Leaves - October

Month of Harvests - November

Month of Snowfall - December

Customs & Traditions Edit

Whilst Quel'Anaris is an ever changing nation that continues to absorb other cultures, traditions and customs, Telriah Embershield has made it a point to celebrate the traditions that her father and grandfather once too celebrated. Many of these traditions are included throughout the year, and are generally only done by the elven population of Quel'Anaris

Unification Day Edit

Known as the day when Telriah returned to her homeland, and through military conquest and political movements, she re-united Quel'Anaris under her reign, where she was officially crowned during her coronation as the Grand Autarch; otherwise referred to as the Queen of Quel'Anaris, a title she doesn't use herself. During the celebration, many of the Elven populace can be seen gathered near places of noteworthy achievement of Telriah herself, such as statues, or Norgate, where she was born. During the gathering, they leave items such as flowers or gemstones cut into the shape of the Embershield double-headed falcon.

Date of Unification Day: August 7th

War of 31-32 E.C. Memorial Edit

In remembrance to the lives lost to both the Legion of the Damned, and Elberts rebels, those of Quel'Anaris mourn the losses by providing gifts and treats to the graves of those lost to the fighting. Additionally, each year, with Year 33 being the first, Telriah gives a speech honoring those who fought in her name, and stayed loyal. Food, drink and more is provided to those in attendance. Additionally, each year, Telriah donates 10% of the coin within the Royal Treasury to families who lost loved ones during the war.

Date of Memorial: June 20th

Crafts of Quel'Anaris Edit

Like most places in Azeroth, Quel'Anaris has quite a few craft items that it is known for, be it weaponry, material, or some of its assorted wines.

Ember Iron Edit

Ember Iron is a material made within the capital of Quel'Anaris, East Lowes, known for its high durability, strength, light weight, and in weapons, sharpness. It is hard to make, and only seven smiths are known to wield the knowledge of how to make it, guarding the secret closely. Such rarity is it, that the first time it was made, the smith said to Arzalen Embershield: "A weapon of such fine magnitude must not be wasted on a conscripted soldier. I gift it to you, Lord Arzalen, may you strike your enemies down, and bring prosperity to your people with it."

Ember Iron is stated to be made through use of low carbon, high tier, high quality iron or steel, melted down into an ingot, imbued with the essence of Fire from a Magi, melted down once more, forged into an ingot, and infused with the essence of Light from a Priest, Cleric or Paladin. It is then heated, and folded over multiple times, until its durability is made tenfold that of regular iron. The Light & Fire imbued into it provides two properties; Magical resistance, and regeneration of the material. In essence, this allows a sword to repair itself, or armor to repair itself.

Sanctioned Religions Edit

There are many religions within the Duchy of Quel'Anaris, due to the diverse population of the Protectorate. As such, one can expect a varying degree of variety to choose from when talking of the religious topics at hand. A note to make is that while Freedom of Religion is one of the core aspects of Quel'Anarian society, most religions are not sanctioned to allow for big organized groups unless petitioned.

Cult of Kelendri Edit


The symbol of the Embershields is retained as the symbol of the Cult, for obvious reasons.

"Praise be unto Kelendri, She who lights our way, She who protects us in time of need."
The deity of the Elven people of Quel'Anaris, Kelendri is essentially seen as a female version of Belore, yet instead of being symbolized as a sun, Kelendri is symbolized as a female Quel'dorei, with long silver hair, golden glowing eyes, pale white skin, and a slim body. Ideally, the Cult has adopted to praising Telriah Embershield II, as she fits the picture of Kelendri perfect.

Priestesses of Elune Edit


A depiction of Elune, made by a Kaldorei artist within the Protectorate. This painting has been hung in many of the temples and places of worship in the Duchy.

"Anu dora! Praise be Elune, and praise be her children!"
Cousins of the Quel'dorei and Sin'dorei, the Kaldoreis Priestesses of Elune are allowed to practice freely within Quel'Anaris, where several temples have cropped up in recent years. In fact, the current ruler, Telriah, is known to study the religion with intense fascination, despite how heretical it would be in other states. This has opened the pathway for many others to practice and study new religions outside of their races own.

In fact, there has been a new surge of warriors from the Kaldorei who find themselves in Quel'Anaris, a type which exists outside as well, but is quite rare given the circumstances that a Priestesses role is. The Elunites, as they have been nicknamed, are Priestesses who've donned battle armor, and sing prayers in battle whilst bringing the pain upon an enemy.

Cult of Belore Edit

"We are Belore'dorei, Children of the Sun. May Belore shine ever brightly."
As the population of Quel'Anaris was originally Elven, the Cult of Belore is a prominent religion within the Protectorate. Before the Burning Legion invaded the Protectorate during the Invasion of Quel'Anaris, the Ember Temple was the religious capital of the Protectorate. Since then, it is nothing more than a fel radiated spire of its former glory, used by the Emberglaives as a base to operate out of and cleanse the Fel Scar of demonic influence.

The Holy Light Edit


"Uther died so his Paladins could fight! Praise be the Holy Light, and all that encompass it!"
With a high population of humans within the Protectorate, it should become fairly obvious that the Holy Light is a big religion to find within Quel'Anaris. Not only is it present with Humans, but also the Dwarves. As the Cult of Belore had its prominence in the Ember Temple, so did the Holy Light. See above for the details as to what had happened to the Temple.

Librarium of Technomancy Edit

Engineering Guild Flag-1
"The Omnissiah speaks to us. We shall make your machines better than before."
A Gnomish religion, the Librarium of Technomancy is a group and-or cult that focuses on the study and spread of new ways to innovate technology for war efforts and the common persons household. Those who partake in Technomancy are known as Technomancers, and are well versed in both engineering and the arcane arts.

Shamanism Edit

Shaman crest
"Air, water, earth, fire. All are needed for a Shaman's mental constitution."
Whilst there are less Orcs than most other races, there are is a significant amount of Tauren & Trolls to justify this being one of the few sanctified religions within Quel'Anaris. Generally, Shamanism has its roots within Cresthill and the Silver Woods

Arcanegarde Order Edit

Mage crest
"Knowledge is power. Guard it well."
Primarily focused on the study, research and practice of the belief that the Arcane is a deity, the Arcanegarde guard their secrets with a well known passion, with a motto that supports this. A majority of the magi within the Ember Circle find themselves best acquainted with the Arcanegarde.

Unsanctioned Religions Edit

Cult of Elbert Edit


A mesh of Elbert's hemomantic-themed pentagram, and a Legion of the Damned emblem forms the symbol of the Cult of Elbert

"...Brigadier General Elbert van Doomray, Knight of the Golden Rose, Hero of the Silver Woods, and Baron of Elbert's camp is hereby pronounced guility. He shall be stripped of his titles, and exiled from the land of Ronae'Danil. May it be done."
A near perfect definition of a cult of personality, the Cult of Elbert is a cult mostly focusing upon the worship of Brigadier General Elbert van Doomray as semi-divine being, sent to Quel'Anaris to restore it to greatness.

A near antithesis to the Monarchial cult, they believe that the Embershields are 'heathens', for lack of better terms, for the exiling of Elbert. Made up almost entirely by disgruntled soldiers and former rebels, they can often be found around the abandoned town of Elbert's Camp, and Legion of the Damned camps. Their tendency towards violence, and belief that Elbert was wrongfully judged, however, oft leave the group in conflict with the government of Quel'Anaris, garnering them their status as outlaws and brigands.

The stubborn few, however, still persist in their beliefs, recruiting, and waiting for the day when the Brigadier General comes home.

Discrepancies Edit

  • Quel'Anaris, in a lot of the writing and lore for Embershield, is stated to have started as the County of Ronae'Danil. This has since been retconned and re-written, as shown in the history above.
  • Many people ask how Quel'Anaris sustains a population of 47,000+ and a military of 25,000+. The answer is simple- The writer considers the military and civilian population entirely separate, allowing for more creative freedom with the numbers to a more realistic size, as Telriahs player writes based on the aspect Blizzard has given; Azeroth is realistically ten times bigger than portrayed in-game.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, the Duchy of Quel'Anaris was never meant to be a major part of Telriah's backstory and lore. Infact, it was never even thought of until Zaria's player brought up the idea of having land during a meeting many months ago during the time of the Golden Rose.
  • Elbert is very much so a well respected General within the Protectorate Military, for his tactics that led to victories with few casualties. Of course, he also has earned a lot of disrespect for the rebellion.
  • Brigadier General Elbert is credited as the founder of the Path of the Blood Moon, one of the major religions displayed in the Codex of the Golden Rose. It is mainly notable for the fact that despite his heavy hand in it, the religion was not outlawed along with Elbert, and thus serves as a legal front for many of the dealings of the Cult of Elbert, who some see as a fringe group of the Path.
  • Originally, Quel'Anaris was meant to be an Archduchy similar to Austria-Hungary, but with the departure of Ailos, Alain, and several others, these plans have been re-written, allowing for a more original and unique story.

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