Pearl Kal'thoris
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Full Name

Lady Shuladina "Pearl" Kal'thoris




Very Old


Shadowtalon Company
The Valorborne
Sisterhood of Elune




Ra'ziel Kal'thoris (Mate)
Dal'shano Kal'thoris (F.I.L.)
Wisp Ivymoon (Sister)
Ephegenia Ivymoon (Sister)
Verthil Blackmantle (Uncle)

Pearl Kal'thoris is a Kaldorei and a devout Elunite. As a Priestess of the Sisterhood, she focuses on the healing arts through her religious devotion to the White Lady. Known for her gentle nature and an overflowing amount of kindness, Pearl is often the small voice offering to mend the wounded without hesitation.

Presently, Pearl can be found amongst the priestesses and druids at the Temple of Elune in Val'sharah.

Appearance & Personality Edit

Violet hair is tightly bound in twin braids that are pinned up at the nape of her neck. Features are narrow with soft edges and her skin a light moon-kissed pink. Her robes are made of silk and intricately embroidered with fine threads in varying shades.

A simple temple priestess.

Basic AppearanceEdit

  • Eye Colour: White glow, silver iris.
  • Skin Colour: Light pinkish peach.
  • Hair Colour & Style: Deep violet and exceptionally long. Worn modestly braided and pinned up away from her face.
  • Figure: Average height. Thin, almost fragile-looking. Delicate features.

As many females of her race do, Pearl chose to mark herself with traditional inking at a certain age. Though unlike most who veil their faces with animal- or foliage-themed tattooing, Pearl's are silver crescent moons on both inner wrists where she focuses her healing through touch.


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History Edit


Priestess of EluneEdit

Everything BetweenEdit

Stuff definitely happened.

The Legion's ReturnEdit

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Family & RelationshipsEdit

Mate: Ra'ziel Kal'thoris

  • Son: Erui'nun Kal'thoris

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