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Grand Marshal
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Father: Baron Garithos

Grand Marshal Othmar Garithos was the leader of remnants of the Kingdom of Lordaeron following its downfall during the Third War, and also de-facto leader of Alliance forces in Lordaeron. He was eventually slain by the dreadlord Varimathras on the order of Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.


Second WarEdit

Othmar Garithos was the only son of a baron who ruled the lands bordering Quel'thalas. After growing up in the town of Blackwood, Garithos joined Lordaeron's army during the Second War. While he was fighting to defend Quel'thalas, a small band of orcs attacked Blackwood and burned it to the ground, killing all of its inhabitants. Garithos blamed the elves for the loss of his home and family, thinking that they had diverted troops that could have been used to defend mankind. After the war, Garithos inherited his father's title and continued his service in Lordaeron's military.

New AllianceEdit

By the end of the Third War, Garithos had gained the rank of Grand Marshal, although not entirely due to his own successes, his father's reputation and title was what really saw him rise so far. He was the highest-ranking survivor of Lordaeron's military after the Scourge's rampage across the land, and rallied whatever troops remained, recruited whoever would join, whether volunteer or conscription. Officials from nearby non-human states sent him troops, seeing him as the last remnant of Lordaeron's government. Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider of the Blood Elves gathered the strongest of his people and joined his forces as well.

The Defense of DalaranEdit

Garithos and his forces successfully retook the ruins of Dalaran from the Scourge, and started using it as their base of operations. After discovering a large undead force advancing to retake Dalaran, Garithos left, leaving Kael to repair nearby Arcane Observatories, to his dismay.