The Northgate River (Also known as Earl'forth or formerly as Nambitus River), refers to the river that flows through Gilneas, having its delta in the Great Sea and its source in the southern portion of Silverpine Forest. The river is one of the five largest rivers in all of the Eastern Kingdoms, and along it are numerous militaristic fortifications along the river, which serve as a testament to its geo-political importance in ancient times.

Earl'forth near Emberstone Mine. (Wildriverpeak.jpg, photograph, source unknown)

In the time before House Greymane arrived in Gilneas, the river served as a nature border between the kingdoms of the Duathe and the Eldir'thiirn and was referred to as Earl'forth. Today, the river serves to split the munipicalities of the Headlands and the Northern Headlands, while also providing an opening to trade. It was renamed from the Nambitus River to the Northgate River following the erection of the Greymane Wall and the dissolution of Nambitus as a proper state.

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