Nonia Pendleton (Deceased)
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Lady of Blackwood


Lord Eugine Pendleton

Date of Birth

08 B.P.


Brotherhood of the Flame
Blood of Lordaeron
The Forsaken

Early LifeEdit

Nonia Pendleton was the first-born child of Eugine Pendleton and Rosemary Marshal. While many women of her age were quick to learn song, dance or some other art fit for a woman, the young Pendleton's interests were in soldiers, rifles and sabers. Eugine was not keen on allowing his daughter to learn the sword, but ultimately allowed her the House Pendleton armsmasters to train her. While those of her age attended cotillion and socialized, Nonia practiced her balestras and parries.

By chance one afternoon she came upon her cousin, Madelynne Albrecht practicing with a blade. Appalled by the form of her kin, she personally instructed the girl in the basics of swordplay, suiting her methods of teaching for the young Albrecht's keen mind for dance. The two grew closer during this time, but held such vastly different personalities that a true friendship never was established. Nevertheless, fueled by her father's approval, Nonia managed to succeed as a fencer even while keeping her cousin's skills in check. With a strong interest for dueling and tournaments she often traveled and, as a result, became quite cultured despite her disdain for the practiced manner of presentation her peers wore.