'Nobile' was a rank given to the native peoples of various lands that sided with the Arathorian Empire in their conquest of the northern Eastern Kingdoms. The titles of 'nobile' were most often dispersed with a people that the Arathorian Empire did not seek to fight with, but instead sought to gain favor with. Often, the heirs of the noble houses with the most power would be granted the title of 'nobile', hence assuring their survival within the Arathorian realm of politics, which did not recognize native noble titles. 

Perhaps the most notable 'nobiles' were the noble houses of the Duathe, whom wielded immense political power because of both their already pre-existing political clout, as well as their newfound influence in Arathorian politics which the title had gifted them with. Indeed, there were estimated to be over one hundred giftings of this title by the time that Gilneas became Independent. While many of the 'nobile' houses faded into obscurity within the next few decades, others remained for several hundred years, such as the house of Llarenwyn. 

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