The Mythos of Gilneas is a 285-page manuscript written by Ferenold Stormshend, considered by many to be the culmination of Gilnean romanticism. It was written over a period of around 7 years, through the thick of the Worgen Crisis. The text is calligraphic and contains many different illlustrations. Immediately after the publication of the manuscript, it became an object of controversy amongst the Gilnean literary community. 

The line was primarily drawn between the Gilnean romanticists and the growing population of realist writers interested in depicting the current-day struggles of the Worgen form. Despite the attempts at labeling the book as an explicitly romanticist work, Ferenold, whom had grown disenchanted with the more extreme forms of the movement, proclaimed it a fusion of Arathorian classicism and Gilnean romanticism. 

It easily stands as the most prestigious work of  Stormshend, also read within literary and academic circles outside of Gilneas. It has sold some 10,000 copies world-wide, most notably amongst the Gilnean refugee population, which has bought over half of that number. The prior works of Stormshend were too intertwined in polemical arguments to gain any real level of success, but as the critic Charles Hensbrow states:

"Stormshend's work transcend's whatever nationalist-reactionary politics he may is the story of a man's moral and spiritual alienation, and eventual triumph. Hence it is an ecstatic affirmation of not only Gilnean exceptionalism and the Northern soul, but life itself. Though certain parts of the book are dense, even inscrutable, Stormshend manages to render the Gilnean landscape as a dream, and in doing so express the struggle of our generation."

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