Moranai Sunstrike


Moranai Sunstrike




Sunstrike (fallen)


Kirin Tor (Formally)
Blades of Greymane (formerly)
Will of Dath'Remar (formerly)
New Horde
Kingdom of Quel'thalas
The Dawnfury Concordant(Formally)
The Sunguard
Silvermoon Magistrate




Andel Sunstrike (father, deceased)
Alaineian Sunstrike (mother, deceased)
Seratai Whiteblade (Sunstrike) (sister, deceased)
Gaytheil Sunstrike
Seylena Sunstrike (sister)
Sileyna Dawnshatter (adopted sister)
Seperia Whiteblade (Neice)
Andel Whiteblade (Nephew)
Cyviel Whiteblade (Neice)


Moranai stands around 5'5" for an Sin'dorei woman with fire red hair she allows to grow out at times before she cuts it. She has pale skin and red pouty lips much like her sisters.

She tends to adorn her person in red and gold fashion, with few other choice colors. She can usually be seen wearing elegant robes or skirts. All of her clothing are made to be fire proof, as she learned long ago what happens when you mess up a spell involving fire.

Rune symbols adorn Moranai's armor in black ink. Each is designed to enhance her magical abilities on the battlefield, or just to give her a little extra boost in something not so dangerous When not in battle, the runes will 'disappear' from sight, reappearing at her will.


Mora is a very studious woman and very much has her nose in the books almost at all times.  She's not generally quiet but she's a conservative woman and keeps her enemies as close as if they were her best of friends.  She is very kind and loves to help her friends, and always makes new ones despite what race they are.  Though, despite her kindness, she has an anger not to be trifled with.  Known for burning down entire buildings at times, her fire can sometimes be controlled only with her emotions.  Lest she be calm, there's no telling what she might do.


Moranai carries with her a small notebook with a built in folder that carries important papers on her person.  Of those papers, citizenship papers for Stormwind City, started by Grand Marshal Ashamal and finished by Berenal Greyblade .

Life of a PyromancerEdit


Growing up, Moranai was the most level headed of the 4 girls, especially between she and her twin sister Seylena .  Despite how close she and her twin were, she was closer to her older sister Gaytheil who she learned much from, non-magical.  Moranai had learned to control her emotions and to slow herself down when she was learning new abilities.

Journey to become a RunemasterEdit

At a young age, already having her nose in the books, Moranai came across one that spoke of runes and their magical abilities.  This book had piqued her interest in first learning about becoming a Scribe and studying Runes, the Arcane, and ley lines and the likes.  She spent monts re-reading the same book over and over before she found another that spoke of the ancient writings. --Always WiP, will update again--

Second WarEdit

Moranai had been teaching some of the humans and even Elven children how to conjure and wield the arcane.  Upon hearing of the destruction of Quel'Thalas borders, however, she quickly joined in the fight to defend her homeland.  Though she wasn't fond of the later reaction to the humans by her own people, she remained loyal and returned home to Silvermoon City.

Third WarEdit

For a while, Moranai had been uneasy with the dissappearence of her elder sister, Gaytheil, and the ever looming feeling of impending danger didn't help either.  At the sound and stentch of the invading scourage on her homeland, Mora defended and rescuded any of the people caught in Arthas Menethil 's path.

Despite her loyalty to the Sunstrider line, like every Elf, she remained in Silvermoon city , aiding to unite the Elves with the New Horde .

Military CareerEdit

Will of Dath'Remar (formerly)Edit

For a short while, Annexious Bloodfury ran rampant throughout Quel'Thalas.  Curious as to what she could learn, Moranai decided to join the ranks of Will of Dath'Remar, or WoDR.  Aside from meeting new friends and comrades, Moranai quickly took a deeper interest into the military lifestyle, including working on her own magics deeper.  Though she could handle and create wonderworks with her magic, she felt a sense of pride while in WoDR.  She ranked up as just a Soldier, however, but shortly after, Annexious Bloodfury past away and WoDR shortly died, despite it's new lead.

Blades of Greymane (formerly)Edit

As a way to protect Moranai on Alliance, despite her papers, Alaranar asked his cousin (Berenal Greyblade ) to keep her in his ranks.  Despite her, at the time hatred for the Worgen Commander, Moranai complied to please her significant other.  Here too, she quickly climbed the ranks to Corperal and any hatred between Berenal and Moranai had been discussed and moved on.

The Dawnfury Concordant (formerly)Edit

After her return to Quel'Thalas, Moranai quickly took to seeking out Alorinis Bloodarrow .  Thankful he still reserved her papers after all this time, Moranai was instantly able to join TDC.  ---- Ending her career as a Defender rank, Moranai has left the ranks of The Dawnfury Concordant for personal reasons.

The SunguardEdit

As of currently, Moranai is an Emberward in The Sunguard.



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