Master Sergeant
Michael W. Thompson


Michael William Thompson


January 12, 17 L.C.;
Redridge Mountains


HumanIcon1 Human
StormwindTabard Stormwindian


Master Sergeant of the 7th Legion


William Thompson (Father)
Eileen Thompson (Mother)



Military Service


StormwindTabard Stormwind


KnightsColors Stormwind Army

Years of Service

35 L.C.–Present


Master Sergeant


4th Company, 1st Marines


Third Legion Invasion

Iron War

Michael William Thompson is a Stormwindian soldier currently serving in the Seventh Legion. Holding the rank of master sergeant, Michael serves as a rifleman in the legion's first "Stormblade" regiment.

Born twenty-two years ago in Redridge, Michael was conceived by Eileen Thompson, the husband of his late military father, William, who was killed in action the same day he was born. Raised through the Fourth War's vicious conflicts, Michael enlisted once he was of age to do so, wishing to uphold his father's legacy.

Description Edit

Michael bordered just below six-feet tall at five-feet, eleven-inches. His build was very "average," though had rather muscular arms beneath his shirt; in terms of his looks, he wasn't particularly imposing nor modest.

He sporte olive green eyes beneath a set of black, bushy eyebrows. Pairing with them was a defined, flat jawline.

When not at work he was generally found in civilian's attire, and when on-duty in blue and gold armor made of steel, paired with a tabard depicting a Stormwind lion. Three golden chevrons above two rockers could be spotted upon the tabard on either sides of the collar, if one were looking.

Personality Edit

You're not just a soldier. You're a Seventh Legion Marine.

Michael was a very patriotic fellow, loyal to the end to the Kingdom of Stormwind and Grand Alliance.

While on-duty, he took his job very seriously, and was known as someone any of his men could come to for an issue. With this, though, he was, like anyone in his position, a passionate and efficient issuer of discipline.

When off-duty, however – Michael seemed very laid back, laughing at the smallest of quips or jokes, and didn't take much personally unless one spoke against his nation, which he took quite personally—perhaps too personally, one may argue.

History Edit

Named after his father, Michael William Thompson was born in year 17 L.C. to his parents William and Eileen in the Redridge Mountains. His father, a major in the Stormwind Army, was killed in action in a skirmish against Orcish Horde remnants in the mountains of Elwynn the same day of Michael's birth.

Learning of the military and stories of his father from his mother, Michael sought to enlist in the King's army, despite considerable reservations from his mother due to his father's fate; however, in the end, she supported his career choice. Once he was of age, Michael joined the military as a recruit within the Seventh Legion, the kingdom's renowned marine force. Since joining, Michael has been a rifleman, taking up medium platemail armor and a firearm to support the front-lines.

His service to the army and the Seventh Legion continue to present day, where he serves as a master sergeant and non-commissioned officer in the 1st "Stormblade" Regiment. He served through Draenor, the Broken Isles in Suramar, and most recently on Argus.

Awards and Decorations Edit

Thompson has earned multiple awards throughout his service, which are:

KGCRibbon Meritorious Conduct Medal Ribbon
ArgusCampaignMedalRibbon BrokenIslesRibbon DraenorCampaignRibbon
AnduinCoronationMedalRibbon Varian Reign Ribbon Varian Coronation Ribbon
1st Row King's Cross Meritorious Conduct Medal
2nd Row Argus Campaign Medal Broken Isles Campaign Medal Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal
3rd Row King Anduin Coronation Medal King Varian Reign Medal King Varian Coronation Medal

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