Manix E. Ebonfire was the founder and leader of the Ashen Tree University. He was a resident of Theramore Isle and an Archmage -as well as graduate- of the Kirin Tor. Manix opened the Ashen Tree three years ago to help prepare his students for what seemed to be troubled times ahead. Manix has been a professor and Headmaster of the Ashen Tree and Theramore Academy, as well as a professor and Dean to Ludas Lateo University. He has been married and divorced three times for various reasons and is the sole parent to his four year old son, Antonin Ebonfire. Though his modesty will never allow him to admit it, Manix is currently classified as a ley-walker, or one who is able to see the Ley Lines with his or her own eyes.

Lay of the Ley-Walker (By: Manix E. Ebonfire)Edit

When skies are slate;         

And schlepping in the twilight’s shadow,

Perception of the past you’ll pine;         

To bar it’s bane.

The sentries of this sphere shall sing;         

The prestige of the pointed-prep,

Though take this tout with wary-wind;         

Corruption’s curse.

((The following audio clips are each original compositions written by Manix IRL))

Charm of the White Siren – Manix and Livya’s Theme

Lay of the Ley-Walker – Click to listen


Taken from the Ashen Tree University Website.