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Welcome to the Moon Guard Wiki! This website is a resource for the player community of Moon Guard server, a Role-Playing PvE (RP-PvE) server in the MMORPG, World of Warcraft. This wiki is used for storing information regarding characters, guilds, locations, art, and player-written stories, as well as acting as an information hub for the ever-changing Moon Guard server community. It is the intention of this wiki to assist role-players and promote the accountability gained by archiving the documentation and history of role-play on Moon Guard for future reference. This wiki by no means being an authoritative guide to the server, so we encourage you to role-play on Moon Guard to see what the community is like yourself!
Feel free to contribute your own fanon or character information to this wiki. It is our hope that this wiki will help preserve and promote the role-playing community on Moon Guard through providing a neutral environment where all can add their own piece of the story without prejudice. Have fun!
~ The Wiki Administrators


New Additions to the Team and the Restructuring

Hello! Been a while since we've done one of these, right? We're nearing the end of the expansion and besides all the amazing stories you, the community, have been putting up, a lot of cool and exciting things have been happening on the backend of things! Firstly, we'd like to welcome Nelany to the Administration Team, she'll be the main person looking into art posted on the wiki and ensuring things are properly credited. Along with that, she's also assisting in the constant struggle of categorizing things.
The other big piece of news is the "Great Restructuring" as I've called it. It was announced on our Discord server but I thought it good to announce it here as well! Essentially, categories are being changed up to ensure things make sense, if you want a full specific list of changes feel free to contact me, but if you see a member of the admin team doing two hundred edits in a row, it's not to get WikiPoints but to slowly transition things over to a new and better way to keep the wiki organized.
Cheers, and I hope to see you all continue putting up wonderful stories!
~Lantos (talk 01:38, February 5th, 2018 (EST)

The Launch of Legion!

Only a few short days ago, World of Warcraft Legion went from being in beta to being live for all to play and enjoy. The Wiki Administrators are excited for the launch of this expansion and to see all the new lore and users that will grace this wiki in the coming weeks and months. With that being said, the poll has been updated and the results from the last poll has been tabulated. Of 293 votes, Yrel came in first place with 79, followed by Khadgar with 57, and Maraad coming in close behind at third with 47 votes. The other 110 votes were scattered between the other ten contestants.
Once more though, on behalf of the Admin Team, enjoy Legion and let's continue creating memorable stories!
~Lantos (talk 23:47, September 1st, 2016 (EST)

Administrative Reform and Wiki Updates

An overhaul to the wiki templates, graphics, and policies is underway! The Wiki Administration Staff has been reduced to the individuals who have actively patrolled the wiki and have upheld its expectations and policies. Past administrative decisions will be reviewed and retroactively changed to reflect any new policies established in this overhaul. Please be patient while the changes are put into effect over the next few weeks. If you have any questions, please contact me on my message wall!
~ Maxen (talk 09:20, July 17, 2015 (UTC)

Patch 6.2 Release Day

Patch 6.2 welcomes the Burning Legion back onto the playing field. With the release of this patch, we welcome Moon Guardians to the Wiki, and hope that you enjoy the new content Blizzard has lined up for us. If you would like help creating a page for your guild or character, do not hesitate to PM me, Maxen, or any other member of our Administration.
~ Aphel (talk) 00:47, June 25, 2015 (UTC)

Milestones and Reminders

Soon, the Moon Guard Wiki will reach 5,000 articles, which is a huge milestone for our project. We invite new guilds and players alike who have newly joined or re-joined the Moon Guard community to create pages on the wiki. If you need help, don't forget to page one of the administrators, who will be more than happy to help you out.
~ Aphel (talk) 23:38, January 16, 2015 (UTC)

Visual Editor Blues

If you're having problems with the new editor, you can set it to use a variant of the old default one as standard. To do so, navigate to your user tab - the arrow next to your username in the top right - and click 'My preferences'. On that page, open the Editing tab and select Wikia's Classic rich-text editor in the preferred editor box.
~ Everen (talk) 03:27, October 25, 2014‎ (UTC)

Patch 6.0 Release Day and Help with New Articles

Hello everyone. Patch 6.0.2 will be going live tomorrow in World of Warcraft, which introduces a plethora of new content and class changes. As the Iron Horde arrives on Azeroth, players and guilds will likely begin funneling their efforts to the immediate threat in the Blasted Lands. The Admins believe this is a perfect time to extend our help in creating new wiki pages. Whether you are a guild looking to publish your storyline on the wiki, or you simply want to create histories and character pages, we are here to lend a hand. Leave a message for one of the Admins, and we'll be more than happy to help you create a page.
~ Aphel (talk) 19:24, October 13, 2014 (UTC)

Impending Warlords of Draenor Release and Two New Administrators

With the announcement of the official release of Warlords of Draenor, we expect to see a spike in content on the wiki in the coming few months. As inactive players return to Moon Guard and start up their WoW subscriptions again, new stories will unfold and be catalogued in our virtual annals. We've recently welcomed Tendael and Ryan404000 to the Wiki Admin staff. Thanks to all contributors for your continued support and hard work.
~ Aphel (talk) 05:16, September 15, 2014 (UTC)

Previous News

Wiki Policy and Disclaimers

Given the nature of this wiki's content and the breadth of the Moon Guard Community, the Wiki Administrators have elected to establish the following Policies and Disclaimers in regards to wiki content creation, editing, attribution, and usage. Expectations for user conduct will also be listed here. All users and administrators will be held to these policies.
Users or Administrators who are found to be in violation of any of these policies herein may be reviewed for being blocked from making edits or comments on the wiki for a duration of time. Repeat offenders may receive permanent bans from wiki contribution.
Wiki Administrators will also be held to the Administrator Code of Conduct. Those who do not uphold the policies in this document will be reviewed for removal from the administration staff.

User Conduct and Harassment

Users and Administrators of the Moon Guard Wiki are expected to be cordial to one another and refrain from using excessively vulgar or inappropriate language in their discussions. Users are also expected to refrain from making attacks on groups of individuals based on their race, gender, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexuality, or disability.
All instances of harassment or malicious attacks on said groups, documented in the form of screenshots or other tangible evidence, will be handled by the Wiki administrators on a case-by-case basis. In all cases, evidence of the harassment will be reviewed for context and severity. Victims of direct harassment will have an opportunity to provide more evidence when a case is presented, but anyone found guilty of falsifying evidence will be banned for a period of time no less than one year.
Users accused of harassment will be confronted with the evidence before the administrators make a decision. If the administrators collectively agree that the user is guilty of harassment or malicious attack far past the point of just "joking around," he or she will be banned from making edits on the wiki for no less than three months. Repeat offenders may receive permanent bans from wiki contribution.

Vandalism and Libel

Any articles or edits that could be considered libelous or defamatory by making false or harassing accusations shall not be tolerated by the wiki team or the Moon Guard community and will be promptly dealt with. Users who are found to maliciously vandalize others' articles will receive a minimum of a one month ban from contribution to the wiki. Repeat offenders may receive permanent bans from wiki contribution.

Content Removal

Users may remove their own created content from this wiki or request for it to be removed from the wiki by the Wiki Administrators. Users may not remove content from other users' articles without express permission by the respective author. Users who are found to delete others' content without justification may be banned from editing on the wiki on the grounds of vandalism.

Modifying Articles

Pages that are not dedicated to player-created stories or characters may be freely modified following the above rules. Player created fan fiction Document or Character pages should not be edited to the extent that the original ideas are altered. If you are unsure if a change will alter the original context, contact the author for permission. Authors of such pages reserve full rights to request to have a page locked and unlocked from editing by an administrator.
Please wait an hour after an article's creation when making a spelling or categorical edit to a page that is not your own. Editing minutes after an article being created can result in the original author losing work if they were still in the middle of editing their page. While this rule is minor, users who repeatedly abuse it will be suspended for a day.

Attributing Content

If your article contains writing or images that you did not create yourself, you must add an attribution section to your article that credits the original source, either by name or (preferably) an external link. There's an example at the bottom of this page. For further guidance on what is expected, visit the Crediting Content article.

Article Naming

All articles should follow the established Article Naming Policies. Articles that do not follow the naming policies will be renamed by the Wiki Administrators.

Discrepancies in Fan Fiction

Any content that is canon lore may be edited by anyone on the wiki. Users may contribute fan-fiction additions to canon characters, events, organizations, etc., so long as they follow the following:
Hierarchy of Wiki Lore
1. Lore established by Blizzard that Blizzard has declared Canon.
(e.g. In-game content, the World of Warcraft Website or Wowpedia)
2. Lore established by Blizzard that Blizzard has since declared Non-Canon.
(e.g. Wikipedia:Warcraft:_The_Roleplaying_Game Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game)
3. Fan-fiction written by players on the Moon Guard server.

4. Fan-fiction written by other individuals not on the Moon Guard server.
Many articles from different fan-made extra-canonical works are to be included on this wiki. There will be times when two different accounts of fan-fiction disagree. In such cases, the account presented on this wiki will either be compiled to be a reasonable combination of the multiple cases provided, or a disambiguation of the differing accounts in question. Contact any Wiki Administrator for such cases.
If a page is considered a canon lore page (Jaina Proudmoore or Garrosh Hellscream for example), it is not required to consult the initial author of that page to add your own writing to it. Fan fiction may be added to a canon lore page so long that it does not completely change the direction of the article. In the case that fan fiction would significantly change the content of a lore page, it is expected that the author should separate their fan fiction from the rest of the article in a specified section.
You are not required to ask for permission to edit a page that belongs to lore (Such as the military pages etc), and it should be noted that if permission is needed to be asked; please contact an administrator if the author of the fan fiction is unavailable to aid with an issue.

Extra-Canonical Contents

The contents of this wiki are almost all extra-canonical fan-fiction. It is not intended to be used, in any way, to refute or invalidate aspects of actual canon lore in World of Warcraft and instead addresses areas left untouched by lore as a whole. As such, not all material should not be considered representative as confirmed canon lore. For interpretation based on pure canon lore with no fan influence, please refer to the official World of Warcraft Website or Wowpedia.
All content contributed to this wiki must be related to World of Warcraft, Moon Guard, or the related role-playing community. Content that is not related to any of these things will be reviewed for deletion.

Neutral Writing

Information in articles authored by players should, within reason, be relevant and neutrally written based on facts and not on the writer's opinion. Articles that are explicitly written as journal entries or in-character accounts are exempt from this expectation. Articles that are deemed to be overly biased in their presentation may be reviewed for editing by the Wiki Administrators to reflect a neutral account.

Content use in Role-Play

While there is a great deal of information presented on the wiki about the characters and organizations role-played by the players of Moon Guard server, it is highly discouraged for a player to open the wiki and say that their character knows "everything" about a subject unless they are written to be a historian devoted to studying those particular parts of history. While it is completely fine for a character to have a grasp of common world history, he or she wouldn't necessarily know all of the private details and dealings of another character or organization. Using details about another player's character or in-game lore in role-play that your character would not know themselves is considered "meta gaming".
Players that attempt to use this resource as a means of "gotcha" exceptionalism through "meta-gaming" will be reviewed for a temporary ban from contribution to the wiki. Repeat offenders may be blocked permanently.
Role-players on the Moon Guard server are not required to acknowledge content on this wiki in their own role-play and stories. Players who attempt to "force" others into role-play without their consent while using content on this wiki as their justification will be reviewed for a temporary ban from contribution to the wiki. Repeat offenders may be blocked permanently.

Content Use Elsewhere

Please read the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License and follow its articles if you intend to use content on this wiki elsewhere.


World of Warcraft Content

World of Warcraft content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Blizzard or its licensors. Content featured here are works of fan fiction and are not intended as forms of copyright infringement. This site is not affiliated with Blizzard. Most canon World of Warcraft lore and imagery on Moon Guard Wiki is adapted for fair use from Wowpedia and WowWiki and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

Disclaimers, Policy and Layout

Moon Guard Wiki's disclaimers, policy and layout were inspired by the original Moon Guard Wiki, the Elder Scrolls Wiki and A Tome of Righteous Fire Wiki and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

Other Player Generated Content

Some of the player-generated content on Moon Guard Wiki was adapted for fair use from the original Moon Guard Wiki and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

All images and content owned by their respective holders. The Moon Guard Wiki Project, its respective administrators assume no liability for copyrighted content. All content use assumed covered by fair use or otherwise used with permission. Contact the Wiki Administrators via email with questions, concerns or complaints.


Getting Started

Feel free to join us and contribute to this wiki. Everyone is free to create a new page or edit any existing one. Questions about wiki editing should be directed towards the administrators.

  • New to wikis? Check out our Getting Started tutorial or the Help Articles!
  • Not sure where to start? Our Categories always need expansion!
  • Spotted some vandalism? Report it to the administrators.

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